Finally Fixed: Better to do it right the first time

In May 2019, the Taiwan government legalized equal marriage.  However, it only applied to people like myself who came from countries which have marriage equality.  For those who come from ignorant societies that oppress LGBTQIA people and our rights, marriage was not allowed.

Everyone knew it was discriminatory and people have protested for this to be changed.  There are many here from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and probably elsewhere who cannot marry under the current law, and would face discrimination in their own countries for having a partner.

After two years of inequality based on passports, Taiwan’s government is changing the law.  Now all foreigners can marry Taiwanese citizens and have marriage visas.

With one exception: People from the PRC.  Laws between Taiwan and China regarding citizenship (and likely the UN’s refusal to recognize Taiwan as an independent country) will prevent this for now.  However, people from the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau will be allowed to marry Taiwanese citizens.

Taiwan to allow multinational same-sex marriages, but not with China

The Judicial Yuan on Friday (Jan. 22) approved an amendment paving the way for same-sex marriages between Taiwanese and foreign spouses, but not if the latter is a citizen of China.

In May 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage, but it only approved unions between citizens of countries where same-sex marriages are legal.

The Judicial Yuan’s amendment of the Civil Code Articles 46 and 63 will allow same-sex marriages in Taiwan between a Taiwanese national and a citizen of nearly any other country, regardless of whether same-sex marriage has been legalized there or not, CNA reported.

Now if I could only find a 45-60 year old man who’s willing to accept Trans women.  As I joking said elsewhere, my dating profile would read:

I’m Intersectional.  No smokers.  Chew with your mouth closed.

I’m not overly picky.


  1. klatu says

    Now if I could only find a 45-60 year old man who’s willing to accept Trans women.

    Sorry, I’m 25 years short of change, always chew like a beast and live on a different continent. But I’m sure someone is out there for you!

    Seriously, this is (mostly) wonderful news.

    Sadly, the [scum] aren’t staying idle either. Argentina just recently made abortion legal, and [dimwits] across South America decided that this “wave” of reproductive freedom and happiness can’t be tolerated: Parliament in Honduras has initially approved a bill that will make it virtually impossible to legalise abortion in the country.

    It’s 2021 and so many people are still stuck in the middle ages.