Hilarity Ensues: I can’t tell if it’s real or a troll

But does it really matter?

This is an actual link to a Parler account, with a screenshot below in case the account is deleted.  (I added the URL overtop of the image.)

Proud Boys USA · @ProudBoysUSA

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Extremely embarrassing to spend months mocking antifa and licking cop boot, only to go out there and get absolutely rinsed by cops who were barely even trying. Weak stuff. Those teenage commies managed to take on and beat whole armies of cops(and proud boys) and they’re all skinny wimp soyboy betas, but we got scrubbed like it was nothing. And all for the sake of some rich orange pedophile who doesn’t give a shit about any of us? Sad.

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I genuinely hope this is real, one of them realizing how spineless and soft they are compared to Black Lives Matter and others.  And they are, having run away after a can of single pepper spray.

If those clowns have any ideas about trying again during the inauguration, they can forget it.  DC’s mayor plans to have the city ready in two weeks’ time – armed cops and national guard at the ready.

DC Mayor: City will be on public emergency status until day after Inauguration

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has issued a public emergency order that will last until January 21 at 3 p.m.

That’s the day after President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to be sworn into office.

Today, First Amendment protests turned violent,” the order reads. “Many persons came to the District armed and for the purpose of engaging in violence and destruction and have engaged in violence and destruction. They have fired chemical irritants, bricks, bottles, and guns. They have breached the security of the Capitol and their destructive and riotous behavior has the potential to spread beyond the Capitol. Their motivation is ongoing. Today, they sought to disrupt the Congressional proceedings relating to the acceptance of electoral college votes. President Trump continues to fan rage and violence by contending that the Presidential election was invalid. Persons are dissatisfied with judicial rulings and the findings of State Boards of Elections, and some persons can be expected to continue their violent protests through the inauguration.

You can read the full order HERE. Basically, it gives city officials the power to “implement such measures as may be necessary or appropriate to protect persons and property in the District of Columbia from the conditions caused by this public emergency,” including issuing a curfew, reducing or altering the hours of businesses and request assistance from the federal government.

Bowser did institute a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew for Wednesday into Thursday, after a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building.


Others have beaten me to it, reporting verification of how the white supremacist’s house and pentagon intentionaly detoothed and disarmed the DC cops and security.  Business Insider has more on that, seen below.

Although the terrorists have talked about going back a second time with guns in hand, that’s not likely to happen or work.  Surprise attacks only work once.  But I would suggest turning DC and Maryland into “no fly” zones, and Harris not attend the inauguration.  Have her sworn in at a remote location, just in case.  Tell everyone she caught COVID-19.

The Pentagon blocked the DC National Guard from receiving riot gear or interacting with protesters without explicit approval from Trump’s defense secretary

The Pentagon placed major restrictions on the DC National Guard leading up to Wednesday’s insurrection, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Officials curtailed the ability of DC guardsmen to deploy troops, receive ammo and riot gear, engage with protesters, share equipment with local police, and use surveillance without explicit approval from President Trump’s acting defense secretary, Christopher Miller, according to The Post.

Guardsmen didn’t arrive to support US Capitol Police — who were ill-prepared and quickly overrun — until more than two hours after its chief called for them, according to the Post.

The muted approach was said to be intended to avoid backlash that followed an aggressive response to Black Lives Matter protests over the summer, but the response has drawn sharp criticism from Democratic lawmakers, activists, and even some law-enforcement experts for being insufficient.


  1. Ichthyic says

    There was another post claiming to be from the White House offering pardons to all the rioters… if they just left their name, address, and what crimes they thought they should be pardoned for.

    can’t tell if joke or actual FBI honeypot.

    frankly, those scumbags are so stupid, it might actually BE a honeypot.

  2. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    The beauty of it is that the FBI can USE it for a honeypot even if they didn’t originate it.

  3. blf says

    Tell everyone she [Vice President Kamala Harris] caught COVID-19.

    I cannot tell if the OP is joking or is serious. I will presume serious…
    No, do not do that! Having her not in the vicinity (or even DC) and sworn in remotely is a sensible precaution. Lying about why she is not physically present is not even remotely sensible (forgive the pun). It has exceptionally poor “optics”, easily destroying any chance of, e.g., co-operation with the progressive-inclined liberals and non-nazi conservatives: “The very first thing they did was lie!” And that’s just within the States. Internationally, lying rather then being open and transparent will not help except if one is a Putin(-a-like) dictator… or Trump.

    Following a so-called “president” who is a known constant liar — even when the lie serves no purpose (or is contradictory or trivially disproved) — with a new President and yet another blatantly un-necessary lie is absurd.

    • says

      Lying about COVID was a joke, but separating her from Biden’s swearing in might be a good idea. The fanatics “think” they’re doing it for cheezus, and might be willing to take extreme measures (e.g. suicide bomb, like Tennessee).

      There’s no rule that says they have to do it at the capitol building or even have a public event. I looked it up, and inaugurations have been held at the white house and elsewhere.

  4. StevoR says

    @ er, #1 Ichthyic tat is, sorry.

    @ Intransitive : David Brin has asuggestion on his fb page :


    So, what’s needed is a way to get them to spread out, safely masked. Besides, why deny America’s enthusiastic majority their day? Oh, and a final consideration; given the vast number of serious threats, should Kamala and Joe go anywhere together? Shouldn’t they stay apart?

    Here’s a simple solution: have the new Vice-President — Kamala Harris — take her oath at the far-opposite end of the Mall, on the hallowed steps of the Lincoln Memorial. .. (snip) .. Picture Harris giving her speech, then waving down the long Mall at the Capitol, calling “Over to you, Joe… I mean Mister President!” past a vast crowd that now has plenty of room to spread out!

    Pass out a bazillion flags and white-star masks and say, “Use the flag to make a social distance circle. Let America’s flag protect us, as we mean to protect and reclaim the flag!”

    An added way to space them out further? Big screens hung from the flanks of the Washington Monument. A way of saying – we can use ingenuity and technology and good sense to keep safe and have some fun.

    The images would be spectacular, denying the fox-o-sphere any “crowd size” yammers. It would establish Kamala as a star and a voice of her own, not just a warmup act. … And then there’s that added, paranoid reason. Keep her away from Joe. Especially that day.

    Brin also suggests that the Air Force inform Trump that Air Force One be “down for maintenance” on the day.

    Personally I hope the second Biden (or potentially someone else) is sworn in, Trump gets arrested and sent directly to jail for sedition, inciting a riot, corruption, obstruction of justice, etc.. Ideally after a second impeachment with removal this time or 25th’ing.