Point Made: Heartlessness in the ‘heartland’

A statue called “homeless jesus” was placed in a Cleveland park.

So naturally, the “good christians” called the cops when they saw it.

In Bay Village, Someone Called Cops on a Sleeping Homeless Person. It was a Statue of Jesus.

Twenty minutes after a “homeless Jesus” sculpture was installed on the grounds of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Bay Village, someone called the cops.

Created by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz, the sculpture depicts Jesus as a homeless person lying on a bench covered in a blanket. It was purchased by the local Community West Foundation and has been traveling to churches and other religious organizations across the region since October, 2018. It is scheduled to be on site at St. Barnabas until Dec. 1.

Alex Martin, the St. Barnabas pastor, tweeted that he had a conversation with a Bay Village police officer because someone reported a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. (St. Barnabas abuts a public park, Fr. Martin told Scene, and the statue was displayed in a high-visibility area intentionally.)

This part I don’t believe:

Bay Village police chief Kathy Leasure confirmed the Oct. 12 call to Scene and said that the caller had advised police dispatch that they were unsure if the homeless individual was a human being or a statue.

“If this was a person laying on a bench, the officer would have made sure the person was not in any sort of medical distress,” Leisure wrote in an email, explaining the theory behind a police response. “If the person was, the officer would have been able to radio for an ambulance to respond and start rendering first aid. Additionally, if this were a homeless person, the officer would have checked to make sure the person was okay and to see if they needed anything. There are hotels in nearby cities that will give homeless individuals a free night stay. The officer could have helped to facilitate this. If the person did not want or need anything, the person would have been permitted to stay where they were.”

She actually “thinks” we believe cops would “help” a homeless person sleeping in a park?  Not beat or kill the person because no one would care?  Given that the “neighbors” called the cops on a statue, it’s more likely they would turn a blind eye if the cops became violent.