Propagandists Lie: Two of Beijing’s sock puppets in Washington

In the past few weeks, Cheetolimi has interacted with two “journalists”, Wang You-you and Chang Ching-yi.  Neither of whom is a journalist, they are both stooges and lackeys working for arms of the Beijing government.

The Nation describes Wang You-you as a “reporter from Hong Kong”, but that’s not the whole story.  Her employer is Phoenix Television, which is technically a “private company”.  But Phoenix TV is owned and founded by Liu Changle (劉長樂), a former commander of the “people’s liberation army”.  He was a commander in the 40th group army, one of the gangs of criminals that perpetrated the mass murders at Tiananmen Square in 1989 (original Mandarin text). China Central Television (the largest TV company in the PRC, and owned by the government) owns 10% of Phoenix TV.

Chang Ching-yi is the “reporter” who claimed to be from Taiwan when challenge by Cheetolini on April 9th.  He may have been born here and holds a passport, but his loyalties are with Beijing.  He currently works Shanghai Media Group and used to work for Phoenix TV.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council plans to penalize Chang for violating the law.  The fine could range from NT$100,000 to NT$500,000 (US$3,300-$16,600).  Personally, I’d rather they revoke his citizenship or try him for treason and sentence him to prison.

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Interestingly, Radio and Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is government funded like the BBC, CBC, NHK, or DW, but is independent of the Hong Kong governmentJournalist Yvonne Tong, who questioned WHO mouthpiece Bruce Aylward in an embarrassing video, works for RTHK.