Invertebrate Shown: Just watch this worm wriggle

[Reposted for an update at the end]

On Saturday evening, RTHK’s Yvonne Tong attempting to inteview Beijing’s puppet…I mean, “assistant director general” of the WHO, Bruce Aylward.

First watch him squirm and pretend he “didn’t hear the question”.  If he didn’t hear it, why didn’t he ask her to repeat it?  Then, he hangs up on her to avoid her second attempt to ask.  When she calls back, he lies “We’ve already talked about China….”

Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it.  “WHO”?  More like WORM: Worm Owned by Renminbi Money.  He is an embarrassment to all Canadians.


Another example of how Hong Kong’s government and “leader” Carrie Lim are puppets of Beijing.  The emphasis in the text is mine.

Hong Kong criticises broadcaster RTHK for asking WHO about Taiwan

Hong Kong’s government said public broadcaster RTHK breached its charter by asking the World Health Organisation (WHO) about Taiwan’s membership, a move democracy advocates criticised as a new government effort to muzzle the press.


An RTHK spokesperson said the station had reviewed the programme and found no violation of its charter. Taiwan was referred to as “a place” in the episode and no stance was taken, the spokesperson said.

Hong Kong enjoys freedom of the press and other rights guaranteed before the former British colony’s return to Chinese rule in 1997, and democratically run Taiwan has been widely debated in the city’s media.