Life Sentence: Criminal masterminds, they weren’t

The first verdict has been handed down in the August 2018 murder of Sanjay Ryan Ramgahan.

Israeli-American Oren Shlomo Mayer was found guilty for planning the murder and carrying out the most brutal parts of the crime (strangulation and instigating the dismemberment of Ramgahan’s body).  Mayer will likely receive life without parole but not the death penalty, despite the fact that the murder was motivated by drug dealing (a capital crime in Taiwan).  Those involved admitted they murdered Ramgahan because they suspected he was a police informant.

American Ewart Odane Bent confessed and testified against Mayer, showing again that there is no honour among thieves.  Bent will likely receive a 12 year sentence.

Taiwanese-Canadian Wu Hsuan (吳宣 aka Daniel Wu) and American Jason Hobbie were also tried but there is no verdict as yet. They are likely to also receive significant sentences, the difference being Wu is unlikely to be deported after release.

Good riddance.

Now if only something were done about the other foreigners involved in trading marijuana and other drugs.


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      The four involved the murder were marijuana dealers. The murder victim had a marijuana grow.

      I doubt you have read or know the details. Search for news items, many can be found on the first link.