Two Faced: China’s wants its own form of homogeneity

When the organ stealing, mass murdering dictatorship in Beijing talks about a “one china” policy, they aren’t talking about a land mass in Asia and certain islands around it.  They’re talking about the subjugation of all other nations, interfering with democracy and fair elections.  Homogeneity? Homo-genocide is more like it.

Within China, the regime is slowly and brutally committing genocide in East Turkestan to create more space for ethnic Chinese people.

Outside China,  they demand obedience from other countries and use violence when they don’t get their way.

Hong Kong protests: ‘I’m in Australia but I feel censored by Chinese students’

At the University of Queensland, the tensions spilled over into violent clashes last week, when a group staging a support rally for the Hong Kong demonstrators were confronted by pro-Beijing protesters.  […]  Videos posted online showed pro-China supporters ripping posters from the hands of opponents, prompting shoving and physical confrontations.

The regime takes the attitude that all ethnic Chinese people are “pandas” and belong to them.  And many are willing to work under false flags – even if they’re not ethnic Chinese.  The Taiwanese rightwing Kuomintang party is going through a wave of “populism”, barely choosing pro-china mouthpiece Han Kuo-yu as their candidate over Terry Gou (the now former-chairman and CEO of Foxconn).

A year ago, Democratic Progressive Party leader and Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen looked like a lame duck, finishing out her term.  Instead, she is looking like the only rational choice and is very likely to be re-elected – despite the mainland regime’s interference in Taiwanese media and elections.

Many Taiwanese – and the foreigners here who support an independent Taiwan – share the same message for them: If you want to live under the Chinese regime’s rule, move there.



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    Two Hong Kong cops were filmed beating and torturing a 62 year old man in a hospital.

    While it’s good that they were arrested, you have to wonder how many more crimes do HK cops commit? How immune do they feel from consequences that they commit the crime knowing there are cameras present? How many more abuses are they guilty of away from the lens?