Responsibility Dodged: Racism and lousy parenting in one fell swoop

The unnamed white mother of an unnamed white ten year old boy has filed criminal charges against another ten year old boy, who is Black, over alleged injuries that occured during a dodgeball game at school.

The mom of a 10-year-old boy received the shock of her life recently: a phone call from her local juvenile court, explaining that her son would be charged with aggravated assault, months after a playground game of dodgeball at his elementary school.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Cameishi Lindley, mother of soon-to-be-fifth-grader Bryce Lindley, told 7 Action News about the call, received from the Wayne County Juvenile Court in Canton, Mich., on July 24.

Now, because the boy being punished is black and the boy who was injured is white, some critics are calling the incident racist, while others — including celebrity comedian DL Hughley, who called the charge “ridiculous” — are coming to the boy’s general defense.


But the injured child’s mother — who declined to release her name or her child’s to the public — says her son had a previous medical condition that made him susceptible to head injuries.

If she knew her son had a prior condition that endangered him, WHY did she not inform the school? Why was she letting him play and not telling him to avoid such games?

How is the ten year old child who threw the ball supposed to have adult knowledge of other children’s medical conditions and potential legal consequences?

This reeks of racism and overcharging by the public persecutor, treating a Black child as an “adult threat”. It’s revolting and pathetic that the charges were even filed, that the complaint was even taken.