Back Up: But will I be consistent this time?

I feel like a dog with my tail between my legs. And after nine months or so away (and my *second* months long disappearance), I’m again surprised to see my old stuff up there.

It’s a long story, either say fifty words or five thousand, and I’m too tired to type at the moment. Life has been a mishmash of personal issues, of ups and downs, of friends who were suicidal now happy and content, while other friendships ended (their mental health declined, others swallowing TERF fanaticism).

No, I was not and am not in any physical danger (re: last year’s criminal events in Taiwan).

Most of my writing this past year was on my facebook page. I feel ready to write other things if I’m welcome back.


  1. Bruce says

    It’s good to know you’re still there and ok.
    But I don’t do Facebook, so maybe you could post a few duplications of your best stuff from there, over here. Possibly with any relevant updates. It’s good to have more posts with international perspective. And posts from beyond my typical cis het environment.

  2. avalus says

    Welcome back!
    Why should this here go away? Why should we? (I only lurked earlier)

  3. voyager says

    Welcome back.
    I also don’t do Facebook and it would be interesting to read some of your other work. Perhaps you could post the occasional piece from Facebook to here.