History Repeats: Mistakes made again and again

An appalling hashtag “don’t racialize our flag” is appearing on facebook. The addition of two colours to the LGBTQIA flag was meant to be only for Philadelphia, but the “we’re not racist!” hostility towards it is quickly becoming an issue for all LGBTQIA people. Being blind to privilege and minimizing a valid concern does not solve anything. Sadly, the responses have been predictable:

“This isn’t about race!”

“It’s divisive!”

“The pride flag already includes black and brown people!”

If that were true, why do people feel excluded? Why did Black Lives Matted need to stop the pride parade in Toronto last year, and other events this month? Why…gimme a break.  There’s an old maxim:

A smart person learns from experience.

A smarter person learns from other people’s experience.

So what does that make those who intentionally fail to learn from others’ mistakes and experiences?

Second wave feminism of the past was exclusionary, leaving out anyone who wasn’t white, middle class and straight until third wave feminists tossed the dinosaurs aside. Atheism became “acceptable” public discussion starting the 1990s, but excluded pretty much anyone who wasn’t white or male. Some have clued in and become inclusive, but there are still pigheaded types out there.

And now LGBTQIA people are making the same stupid mistakes, ignoring, minimizing and excluding non-white people. The backlash against Black Lives Matter reasonable demands in Toronto was bad enough, but you think people would get it. Apparently not. Racism, patronizing attitudes and the “wait your turn” (*) mentality are happening again in the wake of the amended Pride flag. Some LGBTQIA facebook groups I participate in are approaching civil war, privileged clowns too clueless to get it attacking people who say change needs to happen.

* By “wait your turn” mentality, I’m referring to larger minorities asking smaller minorities for support and saying, “We’ll take care of you later.” And by taking care, it means “I got mine” and stabbing the smaller group in the back (re: gay white male republicans supporting Trump). Anyone who says “wait your turn” has no intention of helping others have their turn.