The Tide Has Turned: And the goal is finally in sight

Taiwan’s new bill granting marriage equality for all easily passed the first hurdle in becoming law.  The ruling DPP and coalition partners have the numbers to pass the law, and the KMT, the largest right wing party, doesn’t opposing the legislation.

Marriage equality in Taiwan has gone from uncertainty to possibility to inevitability.  It’s now only a matter of time.

Taiwan takes key step to marriage equality

An amendment to the Civil Code was approved by a legislative committee Monday in a major step toward the legalization of same-sex marriage, as thousands-strong dueling demonstrators took place outside the Legislative Yuan.

After three hours, the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee approved the amendment proposed by ruling party Legislator Yu Mei-nu, which replaces “male and female parties” in the Civil Code’s marriage chapter with “two parties.”