Rally Cries: A buzzing fly pretends to be important

A tiny group of far right bigots (so desperate for attention that they welcome “support” from now IN the US) is pretending to be louder and more numerous than they are by riding cheap trains and buses to various cities in Taiwan.  It’s the same few people at all of their rallies, not wide support from the 24 million citizens.  (If Taiwan weren’t so physically small, they couldn’t afford to travel and raise such a stink.)

Compare this with the October LGBTQIA pride parade in Taipei which is completely separate from December 17th’s LGBTQIA pride parade in Taichung.  They are two separate large groups and organizations, though undoubtedly SOME participants will be the same people.  (Sadly, I won’t be able to attend.)

Thousands protest gay marriage in Taipei

Coalition for the Happiness of Our Next Generation, which organized the protest, said 80,000 people attended the demonstration,


Leaders from a cross-section of Buddhist, Daoist, Christian and other religious groups, which have joined the anti-gay marriage National Religious Alliance, were also featured.

Ain’t it funny how religious hypocrites call LGBTQIA people “promiscuous”, yet it is the religious who are the most promiscuous and will get into bed with anybody to further their bigoted agenda? How they always talk about “protect the children!” (as if the religious weren’t the sexual predators) while advocating hate against children?

These bigoted clowns are such a minority that even the rightwing KMT party don’t take them seriously.  The KMT are writing their own pro-equality legislation.