Cool Gay Heat

Man. I wanted to share with you the awesomeness of Judas Priest’s gayest rock video ever – “Hot Rockin'” – but just since I watched it last week, it has been removed from youtube on copyright grounds. So instead, I’ll just have to describe it to you.

It opens in a weirdly side-lit gym, where the members of Judas Priest are workin’ the weight machines. Young Rob Halford, cool gay rocking man, rises into panel shirtless. He’s totally doing pushups and singing at the same time. So. He sings about how he’s working hard, working out, and he deserves some release for his manly energies. What will suffice?

Hot Rockin'

rob halford has done his share, he’s workin’ out

Only one thing. The camera cuts to the showers, and the guys are each in a shower stall of their own, looking at the camera. It points at the first guy, he says he wants to go. Pan to the second guy, he wants to go. Pan to another guy, and what do you know? Everybody wants to go. Hot rockin’!

the showers
i wanna go i wanna go i wanna go

Anyhow, next there’s a road at night and motorcycles, I don’t remember that part too well, and then they’re at a concert with like zero women, and they’re rockin’ so hard everything catches on fire. Hot. But if the video is still blocked when you see this post, you’ll just have to imagine it – and wish you were there.

Rob Halford is still super cute when he sings,
tho lo, years have been hard. Much love, dude. <3

Your J-Horror Messiah

I made this from a bad video capture off youtube plus photoshopping to look like an inspirational bumper sticker. It probably helps to have seen the movie Ju-on 2. If you can handle horror, it’s a terribly spooky good time. The ending is mean-spirited to the point of hilarity.

Toshio is my Co-pilot

Image from Ju-on 2 of ghost boy Toshio taking the wheel.

The Bigots Behind the Curtain

I wrote this in frustration on my social justice tumblr, in regards to the spate of transphobic “bathroom laws”:

has no one reported on why these transphobic laws are all coming at the same time?  it’s obvious there’s an organized effort behind it, either in the inner circle of the repugnican party, or in some kind of think tank that all the dominionist theocrats are taking their marching orders from.  this is important information, this is an obvious question to ask.  i can’t be the only person thinking of this.

BAM!  Thank you CBS!  (And thanks to commenter kestrel over at New Frontier.)  It’s “Liberty Counsel,” who are listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.   So if you feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of transphobic hatred coming from over a dozen states at the same time, if it feels like the all this hate and horror is growing naturally out of who we are as a culture, remember:

This was specifically planned, organized, and executed by one group of motherfuckers.  It couldn’t have happened without the transphobia of our culture, but it isn’t a spontaneous natural occurrence.  It’s an active campaign by the cisheterofascist lawyer equivalent of the KKK.  Spread the word.  This, by the way, is the head bastard of the team.  You can find a picture of his horrible ass comforting tearful bigot Kim Davis on the CBS article.

fucking mathew staver

      Mathew Staver is a shit-eating bigot.

EDIT to add, Affinity had the news up before I did. Check that thread out for discussion on the topic.

I’m Still Around

I was pretty productive at first and tapered off a lot in the last few weeks, but I’m not the type to disappear on a thing.  I’m not even declaring a hiatus, just slower output for the moment.  I have some other business to attend to lately.  I’ll be back like Arnold – over the hill, unasked for, and universally panned.

Spring Fashion Confession, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love FtB

All I hear about joining FtB is that I’ve given up my freewill to a Grade A
Poopyhead: PZ Myers. You know what? It’s true. And now I must confess why:
Really, I just like poop on my head. To wear waste as a hat? Simply divine.
I’m kidding though. Of course I’m not wearing fecal fedorae. My fetish is
Larry King costumes. The real reason is because I hate freedom.

FtB’s critics have long seen the truth of this place, but somehow don’t get it.
Of course we’re about Freedom from Thought, but they think that’s a bad thing.
Oh well. Some people just have to waste their time flailing through the world.
Living in a constant turmoil of indecision, when all they need is strong leaders.
Saying and doing only what my thought leader says: This is true happiness.

Half a Day

It’s Tuesday. (Took a while to get this post finished, settled for half a day because I wanted to spare myself more difficulty.)

I wake up at six in the morning with four hours of sleep. Why do I do these things? Getting by on that little sleep hasn’t worked out for me since my early twenties. I’m not even a drinker. Anyway, I’m sleeping on the floor because the last cheapy fold-up beds we had fell apart a few years ago. Not built for un-skinny tall dudes and I don’t have money for something better than a cruddy stopgap. Even though I sleep on the floor, I’m not someone who typically feels back pain. But I did something recently and today is horrible. Mostly just when getting up or down, so better than chronic conditions…
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WTF Product Placement

Remember these guys?

white hair metal guys with puffy perms and glam pseudomilitary fashion

Autograph – Turn up the Radio

“Autograph” as far as I recall were a one-hit wonder from my childhood / the 80s, who performed this crowd-pleasing jam:

I was just perusing the good old days on youtube when my eyes beheld a surprising sight.

puffy-haired metal guys behold a cool pencil

Autograph – Turn up the Radio
Mechanical Pencils – Papermate

This video was paid for by Papermate mechanical pencils. Because as my partner quipped, “Graphite is forever.” While that is a pretty cool pencil, I just can’t handle it right now. I bid you good day.