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Call this the sequel to my post here, as well as a GnR reference.  When last I left you, I was contemplating an exercise in high-speed novelling, to be posted here over the course of this time I took off work to recover from surgery.  The way holidays fell, I don’t have to go back to work until the 20th.  The idea thus far – High fantasy, something to do with court intrigue, a romantic young royal in peril, most of the cast as bisexual.  Read the previous post and comments for what few additional details there are.

As I circle the table furiously trying to come up with a plot outline, I have fewer ideas for plots than I have for characters.  But any ideas are good ideas.  There are going to be a group of immortal nymphs, sleeping at the start of the story and posed elaborately by royals that keep them as a sort of living sculpture.  One or more nymphs will be awakened, some may die, haven’t decided.  There will be an elven “royal grandmother” who contributed to the royal line and has some prestige as an immortal noble, but lacks actual title because no human blood.  Does she favor her current royal descendant or work against them? Undecided.  The other day I was thinking about the bisexual music of Queen as a possible source of inspiration, including the epic cheesiness of the Highlander soundtrack.  Not sure.

I will continue “thinking out loud” about this in the comments as the evening winds on.

*”circling the table”:  when you have all your inspirations in a heap and you walk around it looking from multiple angles, hoping for understanding.


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    You know, not being able to come up with something original for the underlying plot isn’t necessarily a problem at all. I could steal a plot from Shakespeare and in this setting it would be unrecognizable. Hm…

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    Alright ChatGPT, we haven’t had the best rapport, but I need help. It’s time to give this another try. Are you ready for me? Can you withstand the force of my power, the blinding radiance of my fierce intellect?

    Absolutely! I’m here and ready to assist you to the best of my abilities. Feel free to ask me anything, and I’ll do my best to provide you with the information you need. Let’s give it another try and see how we can work together…”

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    I went through multiple rounds of foolery, asking for life stories of historical royals and synopses of shakespeare plays, recombining and simplifying them, and came back with this pile of nonsense:

    “Queen Anne, troubled by her father’s sudden demise, begins to suspect foul play surrounding his death. She embarks on an investigation to uncover the truth.

    The kingdom is divided into three prominent factions, each seeking to gain power and influence: The Church, The Merchants, and The Nobles.

    Cardinal Edward, a cunning and influential clergyman, leads the Church faction. He aims to maintain the Church’s authority and control over the kingdom. Recognizing the threat Anne’s father posed to the Church’s secrets and dominance, Cardinal Edward decides to eliminate him.

    To execute their plan, Cardinal Edward conspires with Lady Macbeth, a manipulative and ambitious figure known for her persuasive abilities. Together, they plot to remove Anne’s father from the picture, securing their positions and furthering their personal ambitions.

    Lady Macbeth, aware of Anne Boleyn’s aspirations and vulnerabilities, uses her skills of manipulation to exploit her ambitions. She convinces Anne that eliminating her father is necessary to secure power and greatness. Playing upon Anne’s desires and fears, Lady Macbeth slowly poisons her mind with thoughts of the necessity of the act.

    Lord Thomas, a wealthy and shrewd businessman, leads the Merchants faction. He seeks to expand his wealth and influence over the kingdom’s economy. Recognizing the potential advantages of Anne’s father’s demise, Lord Thomas forges an alliance with Ivan the Terrible, the formidable Tsar of Russia.

    Ivan, captivated by Lady Macbeth’s charismatic manipulation, becomes infatuated with her. Seeing an opportunity to win her favor and secure her loyalty, Ivan agrees to aid Lord Thomas in their sinister plot. Together, they devise a plan to remove Anne’s father from the equation, believing it will bring them closer to their goals.

    Lady Macbeth’s influence over Ivan is crucial to the success of the plan. Using her persuasive prowess, she convinces Ivan that eliminating Anne’s father will pave the way for their future together, ensuring power and dominance over their respective realms.

    Duke William, a politically astute aristocrat, leads the Nobles faction. He aims to strengthen the nobility’s grip on power and advance his personal ambitions. Recognizing the opportunity presented by Anne’s father’s death, Duke William forms an alliance with Catherine the Great, the sophisticated Empress of Russia.

    Catherine, well-aware of Lady Macbeth’s manipulative nature, sees an opportunity to exploit her for their mutual benefit. Recognizing Lady Macbeth’s ambition and thirst for power, Catherine assures her of political influence and protection in exchange for cooperation. Together, they conspire to orchestrate the murder, using their connections within the nobility to manipulate the situation to their advantage.

    As Anne delves deeper into her investigation, she begins to unravel a web of deceit, betrayal, and political maneuvering. The evidence leads her to the realization that Lady Macbeth, in collaboration with Cardinal Edward, was responsible for her father’s untimely demise. It becomes clear that Lady Macbeth’s relationship with Anne Boleyn mirrors her relationship with King Macbeth in the original play, as she manipulated both individuals to further her own ambitions.

    The revelation shocks Anne to her core. She must now confront the harsh reality that her father’s death was not a natural occurrence but a calculated act of treachery orchestrated by Lady Macbeth, aided by Cardinal Edward. Determined to seek justice and avenge her father’s murder, Anne prepares to face Lady Macbeth, fully aware of the formidable adversary she now confronts.

    As the story unfolds, Anne’s pursuit of justice, her struggle against corruption, and her quest for revenge”

    Think I can edit this into something like a usable plot. All I need is a skeleton, after all.

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    suggestions from my dude, noted: have maneuvers framed as a game, like melrose place. people have rumors of malfeasance and actual malfeasance that aren’t necessarily the same thing. maybe see if i can get some ideas from the plot of showgirls.

  5. Joe K says

    I asked ChatGPT to make a plot outline using the movie Showgirls as a basis.

    Title: “The Monarch’s Game”

    Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance

    Setting: A medieval fantasy kingdom filled with magic, castles, and political intrigue.

    “The Monarch’s Game” is a captivating tale set in the kingdom of Serendore, where power, passion, and betrayal intertwine. Amara, a young and ambitious monarch, must navigate the treacherous world of rulership while entangled in torrid affairs and complex relationships. As the kingdom teeters on the brink of turmoil, Amara’s reign is challenged by betrayals from unexpected sources.

    Act 1:

    Amara, a charismatic and determined young monarch, ascends to the throne after the untimely demise of her parents.
    In court, Amara encounters influential figures and potential allies, including the charming and conniving advisor, Sebastian, and the seductive and ambitious noble, Celeste.
    Amara explores her bisexuality and engages in passionate affairs with both Sebastian and Celeste, unaware of the webs of deception being woven around her.

    Act 2:

    The kingdom faces internal power struggles and external threats, with rival factions vying for control and secrets lurking in the shadows.
    Amara discovers that her trusted advisor, Sebastian, has been plotting against her, seeking to seize the throne for himself.
    Betrayed and heartbroken, Amara turns to Celeste, only to realize that she, too, harbors ulterior motives driven by her thirst for power.

    Act 3:

    Amara must navigate a treacherous path, surrounded by enemies and unsure who to trust.
    Betrayals multiply as allegiances shift and long-held secrets come to light, threatening to dismantle the kingdom and destroy Amara’s reign.
    In a climactic confrontation, Amara uncovers the depths of the betrayals and faces a dire choice that will determine the future of Serendore.

    “The Monarch’s Game” is a story of power, passion, and the consequences of betrayal. It delves into the complex dynamics of trust and deception, challenging Amara to make difficult choices as she fights for her kingdom and struggles to protect her heart. As the kingdom unravels and the betrayals multiply, Amara’s resilience and determination are put to the ultimate test, with the fate of Serendore hanging in the balance.

  6. Joe K says

    I asked it to be more specific in the third act:

    Act 3:

    Amara unravels the web of deceit surrounding her, uncovering shocking secrets that shake the foundation of her kingdom. She discovers that Sebastian, her trusted advisor, has been colluding with a rival kingdom to orchestrate a coup and seize power.
    Devastated by the betrayal, Amara confronts Sebastian, revealing her knowledge and demanding answers. She learns that Sebastian’s motivations stem from a deep-rooted desire for revenge against her family, driven by a long-standing grudge.
    With her kingdom on the brink of collapse, Amara must rally her loyal supporters and confront the traitors head-on. She exposes the treachery to her council and rallies her forces, preparing for a climactic battle to defend her throne.
    In a dramatic showdown, Amara leads her forces against the conspirators, engaging in a fierce battle of magic and strategy. Alongside her loyal companions and the unexpected aid of a few hidden allies, she fights to protect her kingdom and restore order.
    The final confrontation between Amara and Sebastian takes place at the heart of the palace. In a duel of words and power, Amara confronts Sebastian with his darkest secrets, revealing the true extent of his betrayal and the suffering he has caused.
    In a stunning twist, Amara’s love interest, Celeste, is forced to make a difficult choice between loyalty and personal desire. In a moment of redemption, Celeste turns against Sebastian and stands by Amara’s side, reaffirming her love and dedication.
    Amara emerges triumphant, her enemies defeated and her kingdom saved. The lingering threat of betrayal remains, but Amara has learned the importance of trust, vigilance, and the complexities of ruling with compassion and strength.
    As the story concludes, Amara solidifies her rule, uniting her kingdom and implementing reforms to prevent future betrayals. She embraces her newfound wisdom and resilience, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead as a compassionate and powerful monarch.

    In the end, “The Monarch’s Game” portrays the journey of a young ruler facing personal and political challenges, navigating a world of romance, deception, and intrigue. Amara’s growth, resilience, and ability to forge alliances amidst betrayal serve as a testament to her strength and determination as she becomes a legendary monarch, remembered for her triumph over adversity and her unwavering commitment to her kingdom.

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