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As discussed here and here, I’m going to try to write a novel real quickly on the blog.  Be ready for foolery.  I’m “showing my work” so SPOILER ALERT!  The entire plot outline is below the fold on this post.  Will also add some carriage returns so people coming directly to this article can skip it if they feel the need.

 Tales from The Amphisbæna:

A Chain of Beauties

SETTING:  The Kingdom of Serenedore, in the region of Viridon, in the magickal world of Gaya.

King Amaron of Serenedore, First Scion of House Brande, the main character
Queen Ebelina II, Last Scion of the Silberdore Dynasty
King Duron of Serenedore, First Scion of House Carol, and Queen Ebelina I of the Silberdore Dynasty
The Royal Grandmere Larethwen Silberdore, née Zerlindhél
Nalia, Elythro, Tenebre, Alcyra, Celdeste, Styrele, and Morwele, dormant lampades kept as treasures
Seberind of House Tornrike, childhood friend and advisor to King Amaron, agent of The Compact
Dame Piriane Janesmith, Head of the Royal Guard, an order of greatknights, a half-orc lesbian
Dame Autumna Dubbledibble, First Sorcerer of the Royal Guard, a halfling lesbian and classic wizard
Thistle and Wisp, magical creatures in the court’s employ as entertainers – a koneira and a krowten
Cardinal Edyard, local head of the Church of The Hero
Mistress Tomasine, Court Advocate of The Guild of Guilds, a dwarf
Queen Ivana and King Kathur, scheming rulers of the northern Viridon kingdom of Holderode
Lord Darion and Lady Cora Brande, King Amaron’s parents
Lord Boras and Lady Nysa Tornrike, Seberind’s parents
Duke Willelm, ruler of the seat of Serenedore, the Duchy of Marigold, High Secretary of The Compact

The Compact, a shadowy organization of nobles that transcend national borders
The Church of The Hero (Heroism, followed by Heroists), dominant faith in the kingdoms of Viridon
The Guild of Guilds, an organization of wealthy merchants that controls the guilds of many kingdoms

Several years after the questionable deaths of King Duron and Queen Ebelina I, their daughter Ebelina II took a husband from the nobles in the court of Serenedore, young Amaron.  But before she could bring forth an heir, she was murdered – thus ending the storied Silberdore Dynasty.  Young King Amaron feels like he’s in the crosshairs of so much treachery, and he’s woefully unqualified to survive it all.

He has two advisors, the Royal Grandmere Larethwen Silberdore and his childhood friend Seberind Tornrike.  Seberind and Amaron both served briefly with the Royal Guard and so have some greatknight skills.  Larethwen has some elf magic but not as much as she used to possess.  She has reservations about Amaron’s legitimacy, while Seberind is a full-throated champion of the young king.

In the royal funeral, all kinda schemes go berserk.  The inciting incident of major intrigue is when the greatest royal treasure, The Chain of Beauties, is sundered.  Most of the nymphs are slain, leaving only the brother and sister Elythro and Celdeste, who are awakened from their slumber.  The assailant’s faction has a secret power over nymphs they intended to use to legitimize the successor dynasty of their choosing.

Eh… I’ll edit in more in the morning.

3 Act Struc

StatQuo : mourning for kingdom, friend consoles him with dick lol  – wife killed with a kind of magic that gives obvy suspect, later others shown to know it

Incite: the beauties attacked

2nd Thunks: how can I survive such hate? who will protect me?

Climax Act One: first choice for protection betrays him in light of day.

Obstacle/Ascent Begin

Obstacle 2/Ascent-thru-TwistBegin

Twist Playout -MIDPOINT           Seberind tries to make Amaron more paranoid and cruel     Willelm/compact+Seberind&Ivana, Ivana manipulates Larethwen?

Recov / Obstacle 3           Cardinal Edyard + Larethwen schemes took out the parents?  Kathur + Tomasine vs. the last queen?

Disaster-Crisis                                                                      Kathur loves MC?  Larethwen sez kill seberind?

Climax Act Two

Ease up then Final Climax Begin

Final Climax Act Three    –Fight Seberind’s crew – Celdeste freed by Larethwen?




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    make fun of GoT finale about how the story tellers are the cool guys, when amaron tries to make sense of the intrigue framing it like a drama, other people think it’s a bad joke

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