Spooktober – Days 19 & 20

I’m doing a thing with some people to do 31 horror story concepts within October…

CONTENT WARNING:  More Violent Transploitation.  I think I’m transploiting myself.  It’s the stuff I was feeling, but nobody is obliged to read it.  Under the break!


SPOOKTOBER DAY #19 — Southern Gothic

TITLE:  Concubines in the Jaws of the Jaguar

PREMISE:  Trinidad was assigned Ernesto at birth, but was awakened from her eggshell by Lana Wachowski coming out – renaming herself after the Matrix lady in honor.  Trying to thread the needle between being herself and not getting killed by her dad the Argentinean plantation owner, things get out of control.  Hernán – a handsome and wealthy visitor to the estate – intercedes as she’s about to fall victim, offering to pay her father for her freedom.

It turned out he was buying her sexual servitude, as a heritor of drug money with a castle of his own.  He keeps trans ladies in a small harem, and when he bores of them, punts them to a brothel on his estate called The Snakepit.  Something in Trinidad’s looks keeps his attention longer than usual, and she suffers in his harem for a few years.  Just as it seems he’s beginning to lose interest, the newest victim pulled into his harem catches her attention.  She’s named Júpiter, after another Lana heroine, and she rekindles Trinidad’s interest in living, in escape.  They fall in love, engage in secret Lana religion, and plot to murder Hernán.

HORROR ELEMENT:  Probably the adventure will involve snakes and spiders and thunder and lightning.  Obviously the sex slavery is horrible, but “horror” as a literary genre isn’t about recreating the ills of the real world.  You gotta make something fantastic enough to transport the soul.  I’m not going to write this, but if I did, not going for gritty realism.  Southern Gothic is supposed to be seedy, steamy, and bizarre.


SPOOKTOBER DAY #20 — Dark Fantasy

TITLE:  Darkspinner in Death

PREMISE:  OK my Southern Gothic was the second prompt for which my entry could be easily interpreted as tragedy porn about trans lady lives.  I must do at least two stories with trans ladies that are not subjected to transphobias, or at least do not have that be a central element of the story.  To that end…

Talia Darkspinner used black magic to wreak havoc on her enemies in Weisslands, strangling people with shadowy tendrils and puppeteering their bodies to attack the rest.  Clerics used powerful binding magic and treachery to get her in chains and crucified, alongside fellow bandits and heretics on the Spines of Furik.  As her spirit left her body, she realized she had a moment of magic power left before being sucked into Hell and used it to possess the nearest still-living body.

Thief Alaric Daggers was not as thoroughly bound to his cross as she had been.  She pushed out his soul and claimed his body, using magic to free herself again.  The man body might have been a useful disguise but that his face was well known as a criminal, so she said fuck it and resumed dressing and acting as she always had.  But this time, her black bondage lingeries were holding a murderous desire for revenge.  The Weisslands were going down…

HORROR ELEMENT:  Death and destruction, but you know, with lots of skin, like Red Sonja or Conan or an Elric cover.

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