Horror Games by Small Children

Many babies love morbid content, like creepy pasta and spooky fairy tales.  I remember one time when I was wearing my Hellraiser t-shirt and a five year old in a restaurant bathroom praised me for it.  Thanks kid, I like cenobites too.

Someone I know once had the job of helping some very young children make video games, and they gravitated straight to horror.  This was some years ago, I’m sure the kids are young adults by now.  I hope they find this and turn beet red, and laugh too.  It’s charmingly over-the-top foolery.

Click the pictures to visit the works of Bloody Rose Studios, and if you’re on PC, take the several minutes to finish one of these games.  You will not regret it.  Well, Content Warning: Morbid Kid Imagination let off the Leash.  Some graphics provided by googling hamburger.


Bloody Scream was a classic point and click adventure game in the “dungeon escape” subgenre, made by kids who loved creepypasta and anime aesthetics.  It’s the first and goriest entry.


Sweet Nightmares was getting more cerebral.  If you can figure out how to get past the gnome traffic jam, it’ll really make you think, maaan.  The soundtrack and sound effects in this one all came from the mouth of one girl.  A master entertainer in the making.


Get Some Sleep or You’ll DIE!!! was an effort to make a serious, mature game in the vein of Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest, to reflect the maturing sensibilities of these young creators.  Things did not necessarily run to plan.  See if you can collect the different bad endings.


  1. says

    I’m kinda annoyed that no matter how hard I’ve gone on promoting this in the past, nobody bites or takes notice. It shouldn’t bother me because A ) The kids probably don’t much remember or care about this, B ) The whole enterprise is long dead, we’re not fundraising to carry on with it, C ) We’re not trying to promote anyone or anything with it, and D ) I didn’t personally help make these and neither I nor anybody involved is really staking their pride on them.

    But it annoys me to see the whole world whiff on something truly cool. Small children were in the unusual position of having total creative control over making some video games, were able to make video games. It’s an expression of unjaded creativity, it’s funny, it’s charming, it’s bonkers.

    Don’t like horror content? The third game up there is completely bloodless. Don’t want to invest a lot of time? The games can all be played in less than 10 minutes. Say no to donation, DL the file, click the exe in the folder, experience something you’ll never experience again, have a laugh or just get annoyed and think WTF is up with Satan.

    Guess I’ll drop it. You boring-ass losers. I’m too testy. Really. Dropping it.

  2. passngrin says

    I don’t know if you saw my reply on discord, but I enjoyed “Get Some Sleep or you’ll DIE!!!” Thanks for recommending it to me!

    As for how to get people to play these, I think there are some selling points you didn’t put in this post? For example, not every small indie game has voice acting by funny children

    …Also I got the good ending first try 🙂

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