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    A Trivial Knot = Knit a rot vial
    Affinity = Tiny FIFA
    Andreas Avester = E’er saved Santa
    Atheism, Music, and More… = Human tic: I made smores
    Death to Squirrels = Re-slot squid earth
    Fierce Roller = Freer collier
    Freethinking Ahead = I thank head freeing
    From the Ashes of Faith = Feats of Homer Hatfish
    Geeky Humanist = Hyena gum kites
    I Have Forgiven Jesus = Have free vision jugs
    Stderr = Dr. Rest

  2. says

    Impossible Me = Impose ’em, libs
    Intransitive = Tin vine sitar
    Jonathan’s Musings = Nan’s gums join hats
    Mano Singham = Hogs maim nan
    Marissa Explains It All = A small pain trails sex, I.
    Nastik Deliberations = Near et libations, kids
    Oceanoxia = CIA aeon ox
    Pervert Justice = Crete viper juts
    Pharyngula = A harpy lung
    Primate Chess = He scams tripe
    Pro-Science = Cripes! Once.
    Recursivity = I tire: scurvy
    Reprobate Spreadsheet = Death probe peers stare
    The Bolingbrook Babbler = Bob let bear horking blob
    The Digital Cuttlefish = Cute git hid lethal fist
    YEMMYnisting = Stim in yen gym

    These mean nothing, just busting ’em out quick as I can to kill a minute.

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