My Echo Chamber Too Quiet Tonight

So the mainstream media and rethuglican party are merrily drumming up support to invade Iran, it looks like it’s working, and aside from a few memes on tumblr, I’m not getting a lot of reassurance that there are voices of sense out there. Anybody in the know have some odds, some thoughts for me? How likely are we to fuck up that badly? What are we looking at presently?


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Apparently Putin told Trump™ to let Venezuela go uninvaded. I hope he’ll do the same for Iran.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    There’s got to be some tiny part of his lizard-like brain that tells him that there would be no covering up his many inadequacies as a wartime president.

    Also, this will let Dems in Congress stand up against him for war powers act, without messing around with impeachment.

    Only one who really wants war is Pompeo — I don’t think he’ll be able to pull it off alone.

  3. StevoR says

    The supposed pretext for war this time was just ridiculuously weak even for the US military – Iran shooting down a US drone invading Iranian airspace (they claimed their drone was International waters but who believes that really?) in self-defence like any sovereign nation has a clear right to do. War over a drone?

    But yikes, did we ever come close to war over that :

    Why indeed does the US military even need drone flights over Iran given the satellite surveillance and, you’d expect, human intelligence (ie spies) they almost certainly have in Iran etc .. ? What point do the droneflights serve other than just being provocative I wonder?

    Seems we’re now awfully dependent on the 70 year old demented toddler-in-chief being in a rational and calm enough mood to behave reasonably when pushed by the war-seeking hawks liekBolton he appointed and when / if Iran enriches uranium beyond the point the old Iran deal allowed, well, its another potential crisis point :

    I hope they don’t because that would play into the hawks hands and potentially provide more alleged “justification” for war – although hopefully enough people will see through it and oppose it – I do think there’s a strong anti-war feeling among the people in the USA, Oz & elsewhere. Most of us now know any war would be hideously expensive in money as well as lives and political and regional consequences.

    Sady the lickspittle sad excuse for a govt in Oz (my nation) will no doubt declare war along with the USA if and when that happens. There’s this petition which I’ve signed and folks can share :

    I don’t know whether that will have much impact, doubt it really but I guess its better than nothing. Not aware of any local protests being organsed against the move to invade Iran but there might be some I don’t know of – obviously.

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