U Might Not be Aware of…

Coming soon to a something near you! Series in the vein of Unsolved Mysteries, In Search Of, and Look Around You: U Might Not be Aware of…

This week on You Might Not be Aware of… Monster Fuckers. Hot on the heels of the success of the fish fucking movie, a bunch of people on internet have decided to fly their freak flags a little higher, lose any shame they once possessed over the fact that they wanna fuck monsters.

They aren’t new, but they don’t really have a good name yet. Furries are furries, adult babies are adult babies, but monster fuckers are not, as yet, mentionable in polite conversation. What will they become known as, when they become more respectable? If that’s the right word?

Anyhow, the upcoming Venom movie is the newest thing to get ’em drooling. Enjoy that thought, because now…

U are aware of monster fuckers!


  1. lanir says

    Oh is that a thing now? I think the closest to this I’d heard of was vor. That’s apparently about being eaten. I tripped over it years ago and got curious. It was easy to write off at first (to me, eaten = dead = bad) but an explanatory detail or two stood out and I kept reading. I think that’s the key. Whatever oddity it is, when you stop seeing it as some crazy isolated thing and start seeing that there’s a logic to it and people behind it, you’ve started to bridge the gap. You can learn now.

    For example, what I remember about the vor (so I’m not just saying “Hey, look at this weird thing!”) was that it’s a kind of small group. These are details that stuck with me rather than whole thoughts but the guy I read the most of on the topic talked about being swallowed whole by intelligent gigantic humanoids. That was actually the moment for me that made me stop and think. “Oh, they’re not just talking about a gory way of dying. Why do the eaters have to be intelligent, though?” *down the rabbit hole I went* That guy also had some specific ideas about how the eater would think of him, about what I think a hunter or farmer must think about animals used for food. There’s no cruelty, it’s just a food source.

    About the fishy love story, it may be new in film but it’s been around awhile in art. I think the new spin the movie gave was that the human guys were mostly awful compared to the monster guy, although he wasn’t depicted as perfect or having irreproachable morals or anything. Or at least I should say I don’t think of how he acted that way. The earlier art was mostly “beauty and the beast” sort, an excuse to draw scantily clad fantasy women in weird outfits with monsters for contrast.

  2. says

    Heh, I mentioned vore on a recent post. Speak of el diablo… On that beauty and the beast note, I recently found out the original designer of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” was a woman. Lotta the monsterfuckers are ladies. Coincidence?

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