Chunk of Novel

Roughly the first 26,000 words of my novel are available to read on my new writing tumblr, The Voice of Hell. It’s a rough draft so feel free to hit me up for any shenanigans or mistakes. I shared part of this with someone a few years ago. If you’re reading, it’s got more words now.

See you all in HELL, where we’ll BURN BURN BURN.

I mean on my blog, where you can read what u like. Yes. That is what I meant.

EDIT TO ADD – More like 37,000 words up now. Watch me burn!

EDIT AGAIN TO ADD – I’ve got close to 45,000 words now, but they’re not all up at the blog yet. Less than 6,000 to go until my novel is officially novel length! It’ll be the first time I’ve done that in years. Can’t wait.

EDIT TO ADD – Novel is over 50,000 words! I made my goal! Except the book isn’t done yet, so I’m doing a mad race to hopefully get that done today – April 30th.

EDIT TO ADD – Novel over 56,000 words but not quite done. Still had one of my most productive writing days ever, and unusually my cabin at campnanowrimo reached a hundred percent of its word goal. Wotta time!

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