1. StevoR says

    Apparently, according to Aussie ABC news online, it was two punches to Neo-Nazi Spencer’s head, the second harder than the first. :

    It was during that conversation that the masked man came back again, running from a distance to deliver a much harder blow to the head. ..(snip) .. “I think I probably did suffer some kind of like a mild concussion or something because my brain feels a little scrambled to be honest,” he (Spencer-ed.) said in a Periscope video.

    Hmm ..seems that punch may have given him a rare moment of lucidity? (I know NOT condoning violence but .. a bit of grim humour irresistible.)

  2. Siobhan says

    I’m condoning violence. Fuckin Nazis organize around violence, you gotta speak a language they understand.

  3. says

    Glad to share someone else’s wit, as it were. On the second hit, having seen the video I find that very hard to believe. Probably Shitler fanboy trying to milk sympathy. On the condoning of violence against those who espouse the most extreme violence imaginable, yeah, hm, where doth one draw the line? Shucks.

  4. NYC atheist says

    One guy punching a Nazi, wrong. Everyone bodily able punching nazis, the greatest generation.
    -Andrew Ti

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