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Oh, what a day.

Have to start it and end it with conservative bullshit all up in my cut.

It’s OK tho. I’m getting used to pain. It’s kinda got me miserable all the time, but in a low key way. You never know how you’ll react to trouble until it’s on top of you. I think I’m doing well. How about you?


  1. A. Noyd says

    I had to try to explain conservative bullshit today. I work in a junior high school in Japan. One of the social studies teachers was anxious to know how otherwise intelligent and educated Americans could vote for Trump. I think a lot of Japanese people want to believe that America is the model of freedom and equality we advertise ourselves as, but Trump’s popularity makes the lie too obvious for even the most charitable person to swallow. I hope I was able to provide him with some understanding.

  2. A. Noyd says

    Well, helping someone understand the shitshow that is America right now was actually something of a relief. The most stressful part was doing it in Japanese. But I guess it messed with my brain because in the night since then, I dreamed that Trump himself was trying to intimidate me into silence by following me around and acting like he was going to punch me in the head. I sent someone for help and tried to keep pieces of furniture between him and me, but started shit-talking him after he took a few swings half-hearted swings. Apparently my dreaming self is way more of a badass than my real self.

  3. Great American Satan says

    XD aww, that’s messed up. I wonder if you could do lucid dreaming Matrix moves on the orange rind if it happens again?

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