Creativity . . . without the woo

As part of the December 5th Winterfest, I’ll be talking creativity without the woo along with fellow bloggers from The Bolingbrook Babbler and From the Ashes of Faith.  And speaking of the Ashes blog, check out Megan Rahm’s new collection: “My poetry book is now available for pre-order on Amazon“!

The talk will be posted on my shiny new YouTube channel, which is also Freethinking Ahead.  There’s a quick intro post in which I introduce myself, talk briefly about creativity without the woo, flash a bunch of books on the screen (mine and others’), and geek out a bit about poetry, radio, and poetry on the radio.   Also, I really need to figure out the “blue light on the glasses” thing.

If you have any questions about fostering your creativity without relying on the magical thinking so many guides frame it in, please leave a comment here, over at YouTube, or send me an email at  And stay tuned for the talk on December 5th!