From Around the Web, Winter Solstice Edition

A few items from around the web and some meta stuff:

  • Check out December’s “The Monthly Aqueduct” from feminist SFF publisher, Aqueduct Press, including the linked blog posts. Advice from author Andrea Hairston: “And remember—the majority of the electorate voted for Hillary or someone other than Trump. Hillary won the popular vote. Let’s get a hold of the narrative.”
  • December’s reading group will be postponed to January.  Alas, I’ve spent more time writing and calling elected officials in response to the US election than I realized, which left little time for blog posts.
  • I’m working on a series of poems in the voices of the women and their descendants from Herland.  I’ve written about why this utopia is both problematic and useful here and here.  The first poem in the series is now up on Web Conjunctions here.

And on the shortest, darkest day of the year, all the best to you all as we face the first winter in a long, dark four year season….