Place Yer Bets…

My little search deally thingie (particularly attentive readers might remember that I use a search deally thingie to find stuff for me, so I don’t fall into the rut of looking at the same places all the time) found me a site called “Christian Activist Pro-Life News”. It seems they cut and pasted an essay (labeled “just for”, so it’s quite possible they stole it) titled “The Cruelty of Atheism“. Don’t feel you have to visit–unless you are the very odd reader here, you have seen every bit of their argument before–but I had to place a bet with myself, whether they even had comments allowed.

I lost. They have comments.

I couldn’t help but comment.

Alas, comments are moderated. So you, too, get to place yer bets. Will my comment get through? Just in case, here it is in its entirety: [Read more…]

If I Didn’t Have God

If I didn’t have God as my guide to what’s right,
I would probably hold up a drugstore tonight—
I’d rob it at gunpoint, and then shoot the clerk,
Kill all the customers; just go berserk—
I’d take out my rage on whoever’s in sight,
All the innocent people, just getting off work…
And I’d torture a puppy, with taser or prod
Because that’s what I’d do… if I didn’t have God. [Read more…]

Jesus Christ On A Popsicle Stick! (No, Really!)

There is nothing so distressing
As an “inadvertent blessing”
Which can leave an artist messing
With the sacramental wine
But Sebastian Errazuriz
Made a Christcicle, which sure is
Bound to piss off any purist
Who considers Christ “divine”

Is it art, or bad behavior,
Making light of our dear Savior
Though his crucifixion gave your
Life its meaning, don’t you know?—
Jesus loves you—this he shows in
How his sacrifice was chosen,
Now a popsicle, that’s frozen,
As a treat, at ten below. [Read more…]

Everything Old Is New Again

The Church is a constant; unchanging; a rock;
The foundation of morals; the source of true light
The views of society shift like the sand,
But the church remains solid, and fixed in God’s Sight.

(Abuse is something we’d never allow—
Well, maybe before; that was then, this is now.)
[Read more…]

They Love My Design!

Well, that’s what the email said, anyway.

Ah, automated letters.

First, it’s not my design; it was designed by Michael McRae. Second, although I myself love it, I really wonder if the good people at CafePress really love it as much as they say. I was just tooling around on their designer software, and made an iphone cover–I don’t even own an iphone–just to check out its sheer awesomeness. Image, after the jump: [Read more…]

MMmmmmm… Sacrilicious!

Is beer in a chalice
Some blasphemous malice?
Is it funny as hell, or not very?
Is bobblehead Jesus
Intended to please us?
We’re fighting to close down “Ale Mary’s”!

Is the “heavenly ale”
That they claim is for sale
An affront to the mother of god?
Are the pictures of nuns
Merely harmless, and fun
Or is evil behind the façade?

If a Monstrance, as kitsch,
Makes your frontal lobe twitch,
As the sacred becomes the profane,
Raise your voice and be heard—
It’s obscene! It’s absurd!
And the protest itself? It’s insane!

All the sordid details, after the jump: [Read more…]

The Source Of All The Problems

A strange synchronicity today–Our new colleague here at Freethought Blogs, Taslima Nasreen, writes this:

My mother used to wear a burqa with a net over her face. It reminded me of the meat safes in my grandmother’s house. Meat safe’s net was made of metal, my mother’s net was made of linen. But the objective was the same: keeping the meat safe.

There it is, in a nutshell. The whole piece is brilliant, but that initial, pithy observation is the unvarnished, powerful truth. Gotta keep the lady parts under wrap, for the sake of all that is holy.

Now, the strange synchronicity. Today’s “Non Sequitur” (by Wiley) has discovered the source of all the problems of the world. (I’d tell you here, but, you know, spoilers.)

And of course, the editorial in today’s local paper tells us that the message of Jesus is important today, even for atheists. I’m beginning to wonder if, just maybe, the root of all evil isn’t women’s anatomy, but Man’s ignorance (sexist language intended), institutionalized in convenient religious form.