Mark Your Calendars: National Prayer Day Is This Thursday!

No problem yet has been resolved
By getting God involved.
Opposing factions claim with pride
That God is on their side.
Then, all too often, have to fight
To see which one is right.

So in one of the local papers today, a report on how local Pastors are going to be conducting their annual prayer gathering outside of City Hall, as part of National Prayer Day this Thursday. They will be offering particular prayers on various themes–“Homes & Families”, “Schools & Students”, “Military Troops Around The World”, and more. Not shy about mixing church and state, they assert that “the Christian perspective needs to be out there more.” What with, you know, this being a country founded as a Christian nation and all.

Sadly, the demonstration prayer gathering will be held while I am teaching, but I’d love to offer them a dissenting opinion. And I’d like to ask them–after this Republican primary, just exactly how much more “Christian perspective needs to be out there more”? I mean, God hand-picked most of the losing candidates, after all.


  1. rikitiki says

    I pray that I may never see
    Those women-hating G.O.P.
    Who, sans vagina, think they can
    Determine women’s choice for them
    They really love them, yes they do
    To keep them pregnant, barefoot too
    If only they weren’t so uppity
    To be the voting majority

  2. Kevin says

    I’ll be running a counter demonstration. Not praying the entire day.

    In fact, every single waking hour (and sleeping hour, I assume) is spent not praying. So, if we’re talking about the sheer volume of the demonstration, I’m going to win by a mile.

    I can keep this up forever. At some point, they have to stop praying and do something like eat, sleep, take a crap, whatever. Which means that they’ll be joining me in my not-praying counter-demonstration.

    Anytime anyone does not pray, they are in effect joining my counter-demonstration. Which means at some point in the proceedings, 100% of the human population will spend some time not-praying with me. While they’ll probably only have a few thousand or so praying for … what … an hour at a stretch?

    I won’t even break a sweat beating them.

  3. timberwoof says

    I’m wearing my “Evil Little Thing” T-shirt today. I was rewarded this morning with a beautiful full (and, for a moment, double) rainbow: thick misty fog on one side of the bus and the sun shining on the other made for a spectacular effect. Hmmmmm. Beautiful!

  4. says

    Great…a day when the insane of idea of talking to yourself in public and as a group is officially recognized…Shrinks should have a field day studying the many demonstrations of mass delusion around the country today…

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