The Source Of All The Problems

A strange synchronicity today–Our new colleague here at Freethought Blogs, Taslima Nasreen, writes this:

My mother used to wear a burqa with a net over her face. It reminded me of the meat safes in my grandmother’s house. Meat safe’s net was made of metal, my mother’s net was made of linen. But the objective was the same: keeping the meat safe.

There it is, in a nutshell. The whole piece is brilliant, but that initial, pithy observation is the unvarnished, powerful truth. Gotta keep the lady parts under wrap, for the sake of all that is holy.

Now, the strange synchronicity. Today’s “Non Sequitur” (by Wiley) has discovered the source of all the problems of the world. (I’d tell you here, but, you know, spoilers.)

And of course, the editorial in today’s local paper tells us that the message of Jesus is important today, even for atheists. I’m beginning to wonder if, just maybe, the root of all evil isn’t women’s anatomy, but Man’s ignorance (sexist language intended), institutionalized in convenient religious form.


  1. carpenterman says

    Ah, but let us not forget the words of Homer Simpson:
    “Beer: the cause and the solution to all of life’s problems.”

  2. left0ver1under says

    One thing said in Non Sequitur is absolutely true: everything is interconnected.

    There’s almost never a single cause or solution to a problem, but many people of all stripes and opinions (political, religious, social) act as if there is.

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