Running A Bible-Based Business

I run a family business, and
I’d like to make it clear:
Unless you put the bible first
You are not welcome here.

Forget the constitution—see,
The thing you have to know…
The rules I heed were given us
Two thousand years ago

Well, more than that, or maybe less,
I’m not exactly sure;
I only know God loves us, and
He wants to keep us pure.

So sin is what we’re fighting, and
I’ve got to take a stand
Though I’ve never read the bible, still
I follow its command

Cos the bible says I’m righteous, and
The bible says I’m good
And I wouldn’t be a bigot, but
The bible says I should

So it’s fine to bring your handgun
Cos the gospels say okay
But I will not take your money, if
It’s clear that you are gay

Some Christians disagree with me—
They’re wrong, it’s guaranteed—
I’m just following the bible…
Which, some day, I ought to read.

This one suggested itself after I read Ed’s post about the local lawyer’s response to the Grand Rapids mechanic.


  1. says

    The problem with a business is
    When it’s run on prejudice.
    So let’s not buy their stuff at all;
    Let’s see if boycott gets their gall.

    Force is not fair, so let them be.
    To serve or not, they must be free.
    Other shops that are more pliant,
    Will prosper when they please the client.

  2. says

    “The linked essay still rubs me the wrong way.”

    Well, if you can be rubbed the wrong way by that article, I can be rubbed the wrong way by your post. I certainly do agree with that article’s tagline, “Never mind the grammar scolds. If people say it, it’s the right way to speak.” Language is not an invention of scholars. It is an ever changing tool of people. If a sufficiently large number of people agree on a ‘rule’ or definition, then those rules and definitions are valid.

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