Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Arguments

I am busy enough that I don’t have time to write, but because I have posted about a great many of the court decisions that are now in the hands of the Supremes, I wanted to also point to a bit more of history being made: today’s supreme court arguments. I’ve only just started looking at them, but am already so enthralled I felt I had to share.

Oops–I only just now realized that the above link is only to the first part of the arguments. The second question, on whether states must recognize marriages performed in other states, is here. Enjoy.

Well, ok, I’ll attach this old sepielle, because it is still appropriate:

It must be depressing, to be a Scalia,
To see your words twisted in so many ways
To see your dissent—Windsor’s warning—adorning
The arguments cited in favor of gays!
Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky—how lucky
The activists were, that you wrote your dissent!
Your snarking in Windsor turned, now, to a how-to;
They probably know that it’s not what you meant!

I guess, in a way, we’re all grateful you’re hateful,
And focus your efforts on showing your wit;
Your sarcasm-laced “neener-neener” demeanor
Proved useful—well, after we translate a bit.
You couldn’t resist, so, self-smitten, you’ve written
A road map to marriage as federal right
So, much as you think we abuse it, we’ll use it,
And thank you, Scalia, for shining your light.


  1. aelfric says

    After reading everything I could find about the arguments today, I think this is going to be one of those Texas v. Johnson moments where Scalia goes rogue. Well, halfway rogue. I don’t think the Supremes will mandate same-sex marriage, but they will mandate full faith and credit for same-sex marriages, i.e., the states will have to recognize them if valid where conducted. And I predict Scalia will write the opinion. At least as to that question. It will be interesting to see.

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