“The Church Of Self-Worship” (or, “are you faster than a unicorn?”)

You don’t believe in gods or demons,
Spirits, souls, or elves—
You’ve got to worship something,
So it has to be… your selves!

You don’t believe in hell or heaven,
So I’ve heard you say
You say my God is make-believe—
To whom, then, do you pray?

You look to find life’s meaning
With no God to help you search
You call it “Sunday Fellowship”—
We both know, it’s a church

Nearly everything you tell me
You can see, I’ve had to change
But there’s one thing I see clearly—
Your religion sure is strange!

So my aggregator keeps trying to point me to a story someone wrote about the “atheist church of self-worship” (nope, not gonna link). Now, the Sunday Assembly is not for me, but I have nothing against it whatsoever for the people who enjoy it. But, please–it is not an atheist church (that label was not chosen but was thrust upon it by others), they do not gather to worship anything at all, and they are not the ultimate in egotists, worshipping themselves in place of a god.

It’s as if there is a narrative that must be followed–that the writer can get to the point of “they don’t believe in God”, but can’t follow that path one step further. Whom do they worship, if not God? To whom do they pray, if not to God? Why would anyone gather with like-minded others on Sunday morning, if not to bother God?

It’s like one person claims that unicorns are really really fast; another says “you know, unicorns don’t exist”, and the first concludes “you think you are faster than a unicorn! How presumptuous of you! What arrogance! What ego!”

And no, that makes no sense. Neither do the “atheists have made gods of themselves” crowd. It’s just annoying.


  1. zekehoskin says

    Religion is a rum thing
    Seems we’ll worship any dumb thing
    If you’ve got to worship something,
    Feel free to worship me.
    Gimme that old time religion . . .

  2. thinkfree83 says

    I’m involved with the Sunday Assembly in my area, and we don’t worship ourselves or anything else. We listen to poetry, sing pop songs karaoke-style, and listen to lectures about how to improve ourselves and our community. The lectures can also be about science or another informational topic. There’s no praying, but there’s a lot of fun and learning. Conventional churches, synagogues, and mosques are the ultimate in self-worship under the guise of worshiping a deity, because the members think that by being a member of their particular group makes them exceptional in some way.

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