Guest Poem: Ballade For The Delusional

Ballade For The Delusional

© Philip Dunkerley


For far too long religion’s caused confusion,

I do not understand it, I confess,

It numbs the mind with fiction and allusion

 ..To things beyond this world, and faithfulness.

Thousands of creeds exist, and all profess

To be the Only Truth, and by preclusion

The case for each is full of doubtfulness;

Religion’s manifestly a delusion.


Religion works in terms of the collusion

Of members of a group who must express

Unquestioning belief, and the occlusion

Of all who beg to differ or digress.

Religious leaders ruthlessly suppress

The merest hint of discord or diffusion

Of new ideas, or even thoughtfulness,

Religion’s manifestly a delusion.


Religion’s deeply rooted in exclusion

And uses all its power to repress

Those exercising reason; the illusion

 …Of living after death is meaningless.

Live your life on earth with thankfulness,

It merits celebration and inclusion

Of every living thing in one big Yes!

Religion’s manifestly a delusion.



God, (how strange it is to make you this address,

you don’t exist) – I’ve come to this conclusion

The world of faith is one unholy mess,

Religion’s manifestly a delusion.



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