Debate One

The question of who is the greater debater
Is not as important as sometimes it seems
We follow, to see who seems fitter, on Twitter;
Opinions are written, in digital reams
The candidates spar, and their minions’ opinions
Will saturate all the political shows
We’ll credit the better at spinning with winning—
It’s Rorschach on steroids, as everyone knows

Pretending it’s really a battle, they prattle,
Releasing the zingers they’ve practiced so long;
Attack—not the point, but the bearer—Jim Lehrer,
Make Lehrer look weak, cos it makes you look strong.
For those who believe that this drivel’s uncivil
For those who are watching as part of the crowd
For those who think all sides are trying? They’re lying.
The truth? This fiasco is what you allowed.

Could a moderator do a better job? Yes. Could one do worse? Probably. Would a moderator that actually holds candidates feet to the fire be tolerated? Right now? I don’t know, I’m a goddamn cephalopod, not an expert on this stuff. But damn. As always, a “debate” is actually anything but, and so many questions that could have been asked were not. This will always be the case. Well. This will be the case as long as we allow it.

Inertia is a bear and a half.

Could it change? Will it?



  1. lcaution says

    Well, Obama was awful. But Lehrer was worse. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a single debate moderator who has ever even reached the level of adequate (although it would be interesting to see how Jorge Ramos would do). All the moderators are MSM . They don’t know anything, have no expertise in any subject other than beltway tropes and lack even the authority of those NFL replacement refs.

    Sorry for the grumpiness, but that was a truly depressing debate. Obama and his handlers should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Freeman says

    It would have been a completely different debate had Lehrer stood up for himself and performed his function instead of letting Romney dictate debate policy as if he were in charge.

    When Romney interrupted for the second time insisting on having the last word on the first question after being reminded that Obama won first word on coin toss and Romney’s turn for first word was next, Lehrer should have said: “Mr. Romney!! You are not the moderator here — I am, and I have voiced my decision. You and President Obama will abide by my moderation or find your microphones live only during your allotted 2-minute intervals”.

    I want Jessie Ventura for moderator!

  3. Die Anyway says

    And Romney was bold enough to tell Lehrer that if elected president he would put Lehrer out of a job. Lehrer just laughed and let Romney have his way all evening. I did think that Romney “won” if you’re scoring on who came across as the most comfortable and confident. For me, he lost on the plans he sort of half-way presented and just the basic fact that he’s a bible-banging Republican.
    I’m discouraged that some voters will vote for president based on personality or ability to look good on stage. Don’t policies and political platforms count for anything? Rmoney may look good and talk well but he’s not headed the direction I want to go.
    But of course Obama didn’t stand a chance against a guy wearing *Magic Underwear*. That was the problem. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. marcus says

    Well, Romney might not be the “greater debater” but he certainly is an excellent “master debater”.

  5. grumpyoldfart says

    In Australia nobody knows who has won a political debate until the reporters tell them in tomorrow morning’s newspaper.

    (If you get my drift)

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