A Search Term Puzzle…

Today, I found a strange combination of search terms. I often do, to tell the truth. But this time, “Cuttlefish tattoo” made perfect sense. “Freethought blogs” as well, and of course “digital cuttlefish”. A bit less obvious, but still fine, were “let’s have a moment of silence” and “pun of the day“.

I won’t get into “do mermaids eat cheese?”. Frankly, it frightens me.


Two different searches (maybe the same person, but by the time I looked it was too late to trace), one for “dance naked at my funeral” (which I can understand), and the other “dance naked at my funeral author”… which is another thing entirely. Is my funerary verse out there somewhere? (duh–of course I looked, but found nothing). If you are the searcher… what gives?

Seriously… who is looking for “dance naked at my funeral”?


  1. jamessweet says

    I won’t get into “do mermaids eat cheese?”

    Yes. Whale cheese. And sometimes dolphin cheese, especially on Greek salads.

  2. jamessweet says

    As far as the actual search term, somebody probably liked your poem, reposted it somewhere, and somebody else liked it. It is a rather nice sentiment.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    I certainly hope you are right, James. Well, sort of. I rather wonder how a recipe for mermaid becomes “a rather nice sentiment”… but ok…

  4. F says

    I think james meant the funerary dance rites poesy.

    Taking a line of verse as the search term:
    you will find that the “Skepticator” (yet another aggregator service) reposts your content. Also at this odd user-generated content aggregator (although your content is not user-generated, unless you had posted it in a comment thread which is not being found). The second site contains no attribution.

  5. jenny6833a says

    Seriously… who is looking for “dance naked at my funeral”?

    I can’t identify it, offhand, but I think it’s a fairly well known quotation. Dancing at a wake makes all sorts of sense, and there’s nothing unusual about doing so unencumbered by cloth.

    Although there’ll be no funeral for me, the ensuing celebration will be open only to nudists and the nudity-friendly. Hubby and the kids will have to decide whether to have a band or a DJ.

  6. jenny6833a says

    Search on “Dance at My Funeral” and you’ll find some neat videos and essays. This being the USA, however, crosses abound and the participants are swaddled in oodles of constricting cloth.

    None of either when I kick the bucket. Just a c-o party at which all but a few will opt.

  7. Coragyps says

    True Google story: there is an actual type of packaging for, say, forty 50-pound sacks of fertilizer or table salt that is known in the trade as a “jungle box.” However, googling those two words together a few years ago, when I was first asked to provide products in them, was not at all what turned up……

    There now seem to be several other uses for the term, though.

  8. says

    I get many search hits at my site, which is astronomy oriented for “Welcome to the Jungle” that I just can’t quite figure out.

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