1. GvlGeologist says

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to use my $15 yard sale scrollsaw! I guess I’ll use this idea now.

  2. says

    I think we can have a vinyl cutout version of this on by Wednesday noon. If there is strong demand, we can have an injection molded version in 5 weeks.

  3. lcaution says

    Nature is unfair. Not only do you produce poems at the drop of a dime but you are an artist and a craftsman, too. If I were in charge of evolution, I would insist that nobody could possess more than one talent, and that everybody should have at least one.

    OT: The July 7 Economist has a bit on Sepia plangon, a species of cuttlefish which is either very smart or very weird (although that is probably an oxymoron where cephalopods are concerned). Apparently some males will display thier courtship signals on the side facing the female object of their desire while the reverse side looks like a female to other, presumably dumber, males. (page 73 of the issue, in the Science section).

  4. Cuttlefish says

    lcaution–the artist is Michael McRae (for more info, click the “banner” tab at the top of the page). He gave me the rights to the image, but I couldn’t have drawn it in a thousand lifetimes. It took me literally dozens of attempts to get the car-emblem version to something I could stomach–and easily twice as long for me to cut the image out as it would any skilled craftsman.

    What I am is obsessive.

    And I won’t tell you how I display my courtship signals.

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