Headline Muse, 7/8

The range of his roles was far-flung
And he saw his accomplishments sung
Earnest Borgnine is dead,
And again, it is said,
Ninety-five’s altogether too young.

Headline: Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine dead at 95

It’s strange–for me, he’s indelibly defined by McHale’s Navy, but his Oscar came a decade earlier. I heard an interview of his, on NPR a while ago, and was astonished at his career. Thinking back, of course, I had seen him in so many little roles–Gattaca, for instance–that I never really thought of him as a serious leading man. More the wrong am I. Time to watch some movies and educate myself.


  1. Die Anyway says

    > “Ninety-five’s altogether too young.”

    If I live to 95, my retirement and annuity fund managers are going to be upset. They’re counting on me kicking off much sooner. I’m guessing that Mr. B. didn’t have to rely on Social Security but I will be, and I doubt that it will be available if I reach 95.
    On the other hand, I’ve set my goal at 100 just so I can stick around and see if global warming floods half of Florida.

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