Freedom’s Just Another Word…

Freedom of religion means
That bishops get to choose;
Some medicines are wrong, and you don’t need ‘em.
And women stay behind the scenes—
You’re only going to lose;
You get no choice at all… and that is freedom

I could never get the hang of Catholic vocabulary.


  1. nothere says

    I don’t know what he’s talking about, but would someone please tell him that his dress went out of fashion 200 years ago?

  2. says

    This little ditty is so full of win! You’ve soaked rage-making ideas in one of the best songs of the last century and I will have it in my mind all day (but that is a good thing!). Hmmm, will I hear Janis singing it or Kris? There is something about that low gravelly Kristofferson voice that appeals, but due to the subject, this one has to go to the fabulous Ms. Joplin.

  3. Randomfactor says

    The Cardinal Rule is that the Cardinals get the freedom to rule. Someone needs to point out that the Catholic Church does NOT have religious freedom in this country. Individual Catholics do, and they’ve already voted overwhelmingly in favor of contraception.

    Also, it occurred to me that a name change is in place. That church is no longer catholic, even among its claimed membership.

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