“An Invisible Statue Of Atheism”

Comment, on a Yahoo News story on a FoxNews debate about the presence or removal of Tacky Jesus on Big Mountain:

If the statue is removed, then technically there will be an invisible statue to atheism standing in its place. Why should atheism get special treatment?

Salvador Dali created a scene
With “Invisible Bust of Voltaire”
The viewer can see it as plain as the day
But the truth is, no sculpture is there

Invisible statues may come and may go
But of course, we can never quite see ‘em
They seem to be lacking in matter and mass
So they can’t clutter up a museum.

An artist may sculpt an invisible piece
As a tribute to negative space
With a negative body, and negative limbs
And a negative head and a face

And having so done, could display it, of course,
Though I really don’t know why you’d do it—
The time and the effort, the planning and thought,
And the public just walks the hell through it!

Invisible statues hold meaning for some
While others just wish they would go—
Which brings up a question I’m dying to ask:
If it disappeared, how would you know?

I also want to ask her–if I remove the invisible statue to atheism, what remains in its place?

I guess the good news is that the vast majority of the universe, technically, is an invisible statue to atheism. Makes me feel a little better about all those red dots.


  1. baal says

    I laughed out loud in my cubicle. I don’t mind if the commenter erects thousands of invisible incorporeal statues of Jesus all over the place.

  2. rikitiki says

    She’s also got it quite backwards:
    Atheist statues (if we had any) are made of concrete (evidence).
    It’s statues of real gods (no evidence) that are invisible.

  3. carpenterman says

    “An invisible statue.”
    The stupid. The stupid is getting stronger. I’m ready to go out in the streets and start screaming at passing cars like that guy in the last ten minutes of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

  4. Dvid H says

    Figure vs Ground.

    I’ve taken comfort while driving in the rural areas of Minnesota that every steradian which does not contain a theist billboard contains an atheist billboard. And there are so many more of them.

  5. ws says

    What you really have to worry about are the invisible religious icons and the ease with which they can be mass produced.


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