Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Rich And Powerful?

Won’t somebody think of the rich and the powerful,
Struggling, and doing their best?
Oh, why must we always be focused on helping
The meek, or the poor, or oppressed?

It’s time to revisit our social supports
With a view toward adjusting priorities
We’ve largely neglected some long-suffering groups
So it’s time to protect our majorities

Our culture is sexist; that’s patently true,
And examples pop up, now and then;
But the biggest of victims is largely ignored—
It’s the most oppressed group: that is, men

See, men are expected to work and be strong,
While women just have to be pretty;
Sure, men make more money, but that’s not enough;
What they need, and deserve, is your pity

Whatever the circumstance, men are the victims
Through bias, or willful neglect,
But that’s not the story you’ll see on the news,
That’s politically oh-so-correct.

And of course, there are Christians, throughout our great land,
Who are constantly thrown for a loss;
Their second-class status is thrown in their faces
Each time they erect a new cross!

They ought to be able to show their belief,
Placing icons on public display—
But removing these things from our federal land
Is against the American Way!

When privileged majorities can’t have their way—
When they’re treated the same as the rest—
When they’re no longer special, just one among many…
It shows that they’re being oppressed.

(I was going to link to a particular instance of Men’s Rights Advocacy in a news story comment section today–it’s what inspired this verse, although it is not any of the examples in it–but frankly, we’re in a target-rich environment, and I don’t think I really have to use an example.)


  1. daenyx says

    The gays and the lesbians have their agenda
    To tell queer kids not to despair,
    But won’t someone think of those poor playground bullies –
    To curtail free speech is unfair!

    And now they want us to treat them like upstanding people
    With dreams and good morals and rights,
    But their depraved existence is spreading contagion –
    We straight folk can’t give up on this fight!


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