Headline News, Mabus Edition

As folks ‘round the world can attest
Some time out for Mabus was best
So they pulled out all stops,
Spammed the Montreal cops—
Now, at last, he is under arrest.

Headline: Montreal police make arrest in “Mabus” case on online death threats

If he is mentally ill, I hope he gets the help he needs. If he is not, he has done a damned fine imitation, and as happens when you play with fire, will get burned.

I’ve seen a few people here and there argue that we should not assume he is mentally ill. And of course, internet psychiatric diagnostics are best left to nobody. But his language has crossed lines–not dim and fuzzy lines, but bright and clear lines.

This will be an interesting case to follow.


  1. Joan says

    Was feeling great. I heard just now that D.M. was arrested.
    I hope he gets some help because our nerves have all been tested.
    I signed the said petition but I thought it was a group
    Until I saw a ‘Police Holler Uncle’ TV scoop.
    It seems each signature was sent as e-mail to the fuzz
    Resulting in police logjam and brand-new TV buzz.
    The irony of this sad tale? To get him in the slammer
    5000 on line people had to imitate the spammer.
    To cure the man no doubt would take a super magic wand.
    I really hope they keep him and don’t let him out on bond.
    Let’s hope it’s just a hack and not a hacker that we dissed
    Or 5000 brand new targets might be added to his list.

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