1. says

    I love you so much Cristina. Your humour (“and I say this as a foreigner”) and the way that viewing the original has upset you say truly inspiring things about your character. We need more people like you.

    Best to you and husb-dude.

  2. davehooke says

    Perceptive and heartfelt.

    Pretty much upon waking this morning, I had one minor realization about the video. When the mother says “choosing to choose” she is not just emphasizing “choice”, she is referring to the actual problem she has with what he has done. As you observed, Cristina, the perceived ‘transgression’ is not being gay, it is coming out. It is evident that on some level she realizes that he has not made a choice to be gay (and with pressure and empathy and mother’s love she might yet acknowledge that). He has chosen to be seen by the community as having made a sinful choice. In that sense he has chosen to choose. It is all to do with the shame imposed by the community. Shame on her for caring about her standing in her community more than her son.

  3. says

    no longer concern for video content, i must ween myself from your allure….

    as a religiously un-affilliated on your bus to hell…you, my chauffeur, deliver me to a place where my heart pangs with no remorse to your neglect…far to popular to even sensibly concern myself with your existence, yet you command me, and i find myself bound and belted as if to the front bumper of your bus to this hell…a roaring behemoth of cult of pilot who’s gaze goes over me and ears filled with the roar drown out to my screams from the front bumper as i am charred…

    i feel as if-if my left pinkie and your right where grown together, to where there was no fingernail of either, but joined; you would then turn to me with your attention, but only to discuss where then would be best to chop….but if that where the case, i would not feel rushed to some solution for a problem that for whatever strain of inconvenience could be seen as a gift for some precious moments before any further bonding in mutual pain of the inevitable practicality….

    but to chop, where ? if no mid knuckle, but yours or mine…it would be mine, but i need you to do it for me…
    is that so difficult to understand?


  4. Caleb Wayne says

    It is simply not true that no one chooses their lifestyle in these matters.

    We are not all mindless animals.

  5. A Masked Avenger says


    I think I agree with Dave Hooke, as well. They’re very inarticulate, but it seems as if they do realize, on some level, that he didn’t choose to be gay. The “choice” they’re so angry about is the one to come out.

    I don’t know what Facebook posts are being referred to, but there were a couple of references to Daniel “calling his father a racist,” so I suspect there’s quite a bit more family disfunction going on there as well. None of which justifies assaulting their son. 🙁

  6. Saad says

    Cristina, I just now saw this video and it is one of the most disturbing and depressing things I’ve ever seen. The way they treated their own child is no different than the principles behind honor killings. Their OWN child’s very being is a point of shame to them. They’re basically saying stranger’s judgmental opinions matter much more to them than their own child.

    Thanks for making this video. I agree wholeheartedly.

  7. Tigger_the_Wing, asking "Where's the justice?" says

    I’ve just watched this and I’m in tears too.

    Thank you, Cristina, you are so right about this. I hope a lot of parents see this, and realise that there is nothing in the world which is worth inflicting hurt on your own child.

  8. 0nlythis says

    If the old girl was really concerned about what the neighbors would think at the time, they sure know now.

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