Knock Knock …

Yeah …I should rename this to “The Sorry It’s Been a While Since I posted Blog”.

I do need to apologize for seemingly dropping off the face of the Earth without a word. Some people have genuinely been worried about me and I do feel very guilty about it. All I can say for myself is that I didn’t exactly plan this. I don’t even have a specific reason for my absence. I guess I just needed some time off. I didn’t make a big announcement or anything because I had no idea when I would be back. If somebody told me I would actually go months and months without reading any of my social media for instance, I would’ve never believed it.

I can’t make any promises as to how often I will be posting from now on because, for whatever reason, I find myself incapable of sticking to a self-imposed schedule. All I can say for sure is that I will try to post more often. Which is not much, I know ..especially considering my track record here. But maybe it’s better than nothing ?

If some of you are still reading my blog I’d really like it if you could leave a comment telling me what you’ve been up to while I was gone.
I hope you are all doing well and keeping warm.

P.S.: I did miss you all very much.


  1. Data Jack says

    Oh, I have been up to the usual – planning vacations and missing my friends 🙂
    We are all glad you are back online. Now fix your Twitter!

  2. david sonne says

    Glad you’re back! I have referred many people to your site and was disappointed not to hear from you for so long. Your last posts seem to express some depression or substance abuse issues. Hope you are doing better!

  3. Robert Liles says

    Miss you?, of course we miss you, you ravishing Romanian!! Your wittiness and fabulous sense of humor are the main reasons I like your posts. Glad your ok and look forward to any upcoming blogs, etc.

    Take care,


  4. fmitchell says

    Glad to see you’re back, and you haven’t completely given up on us.

    As someone who takes care of an ailing mother — along with hired help, home health, and occasional hospital staff — I know how time can slip away.

    Come on in; the Internet is more deranged than ever!

  5. says

    It’s great to hear you are alive and well. I’m reading Hitch 22, Christopher Hitchen’s memoir. I was wondering if you read his God is Not Great (I haven’t yet) or perhaps even met him?


  6. says

    YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!

    I didn’t know staring at a blank screen for months and months on end could go so quickly…

    Seriously, though… got a new job, finished up another semester, geeked out on Doctor Who… and missed your posts something fierce.

    Welcome back! I’m looking forward to even the occasional update from you. You’ve been sorely missed. So glad to see you posting again. I sincerely hope everything is okay.


  7. Keveak says

    I started university, which is simultaneously fun and filled with irrationality. Quite honestly, you’d think people would at least stop thinking that women are for looking at when they’re studying the same video-game centric subject as you, or that academic requirements would teach people not to accept urban myths at face value. DX

    On a more positive note; You’re back! Yayayayayayay! ^_^

  8. Wylann says

    Who’s there?

    Oh, I thought this post was the start of a knock knock joke….

    Welcome back. I totally get the ‘drop off the face of the earth for a few months’, happens to me a lot too.

  9. psanity says

    Cristina! Glad to see you back. I hope you are OK in every way. I have enjoyed and appreciated your work for a long time.

    When I read FTB, I start with Dispatches (sort of, headline news, right?), then scroll to the bottom and work up. When I saw the blogs came out odd at the bottom, I immediately looked to see what had changed — and what a lovely surprise to see you back! You’ve been much missed. Write more soon.

  10. says

    I was somewhat worried about you, and I imagine a few other fans were as well. I know real life happens, but… would it be terrible to just say “Hi guys, I’m alive and well, but Real Life has me too busy to Internet” every few months? Just so we know that you ARE alive and well?

    That said, I’m glad you are alive and well. Can’t wait to see what you have to say.

    • says

      Frankly, Jascollins, it’s not any of our business, and she has no obligation to us. If she wants to just drop straight off the face of the earth forever without explanation, that’d be her prerogative, and we’d not really have the right to demand an explanation.

      I was worried, as well, especially having heard about Romania restricting internet access, among other things, and about how atheists in general are treated in Romania, but our worry doesn’t make her checking in an obligation of any kind. If she wants to tell us what happened in the intervening months, that’s great! And of she doesn’t, that’s great, too! It’s up to her, and her alone.

  11. says

    Oh, wow. What have I been up to for the last year? So much shit I can’t even remember it all…I have to peruse my own blog just to jog my own memory. Basically, a lot.

    I miss your videos more than anything. Definitely use your blog to call our attention to any new ones you might post in future!

  12. John James says

    I’m glad you’re still here and hoping you are well.

    Don’t think I’ve commented on here before I tend to just lurk on the internet and binge on any noteworthy information.

    That’s pretty much what I do and have been doing other than fixing computers, owning a shop briefly and playing video games.

  13. Rob says

    Chris, glad to hear from you! like the others I was sad and then concerned for you when you disappeared. I figured you could take care of yourself as well as any of us can though anyway.

    I have been doing my own version of dropping out of sight this year. In my case that means avoiding real life friends and spending more time on the internet. I have also managed to fit in a couple of hike/stays on the West Coat of New Zealand and in Fiordland. Got to be one of the most beautiful places on an earth with many beautiful places. Plus Kea’s for entertainment.

    Take care and look forward to future posts whenever they arrive.

  14. says

    Well, if you would really like it…

    Been building a following on my own blog and started another one just to discuss comic books. Been working like crazy to make ends meet. Hanging out with friends. Learned to sing. Became a better fencer. Think that might be about it.

    Glad to see you back, as much or as little as you feel up to being back.

  15. lochaber says

    I thought you had left the FTB network for some reason or other, so I was pleasantly surprised to see your blog pop up on the listing, and with a new post and everything.

    Glad to see you are still around, and hope things are going well.

  16. Tony Giaccone says


    In hte last few weeks I’ve been thinking what happened to Cristina? And today I finally got around to searching for you. So it’s good to know you may be back more regularly. We’ve missed you. Don’t be a stranger and don’t think you have to be some font of wisdom about something. We all just miss hearing your voice.

    Hope you post something soon.


  17. fulcrumx says

    I miss you very much but want you to live the life you wish every day. So do not think you work for us. Many of us do love seeing the world through your eyes because of the life you love. It is like looking out at everything from a very nice window. A window on the day much younger and smarter than my 70 year old eyes get to use. So we will enjoy what comes along and wish we could give as good as we get. Good luck always.

  18. Stacy says

    Welcome back! You were missed. I can so relate to your feelings about schedules. I wrote one (guest) blog post this past year but cannot commit to anything regular. The muse comes when it comes–if depression isn’t guarding the door.

    Very glad you’re OK.

    I’m mostly a lurker here, but I’ll answer your question. I went to the Women in Secularism 2 conference last May, and will be saving my pennies in hopes of being able to afford WiS3 this coming spring. (You know what would be awesome? If you could go!)

    Other than that, I’ve been volunteering, reading, hanging out. The usual.

  19. Donald Carey says

    Wow. Finally we can be reassured that you had not been struck down by the Holy Spaghetti Monster. This 84-year old geezer needs all the reassurance he can get before he returns to “star stuff”.

    • Rich says

      So great to see another intelligent lighthearted sensible fellow peer.
      I too miss Cris, but have tons of her stuff to review again, or for the first time.
      Glad she posted, so I know she is alright. I kinda of worry about her in her country,
      though we have the same sadly high percentage of intolerant ignorant ‘belivers’
      here in the USA. YIKES, this is the 21st century…not the 12th!

      I’m glad you posted your age, as it is so reassuring knowing people like you are out there.
      Age is just a number, as you sound so with it and know you are young at heart too.
      I love astrophysics, and even teach some as an outdoor environmental educator, so I loved
      your ‘return to star stuff’ comment. [see Carl Sagan vids, and especially Neil De Grasse Tyson
      for his GREAT poetic discourse on nucleosynthesis]…peace

  20. Scott Wolford says

    HI Christina, WE would ALL love for you to post another of your truly Kick-Ass video thoughts (?), for whatever reason there are a lot of people that are down with them, especially me!

  21. beardymcviking says

    Glad to see you’re posting and hear you’re well!

    I liked your videos but loved your writing, so I look forward to reading you again 🙂

  22. TM S says

    While you were away, I just imagined you were spending more time with your husband, who was back from the (Russian?) Navy. So, RL was just getting in the way of blogging. I hope you’re doing well.

  23. Peter K. says

    You are missed. Please don’t make us have to settle for these skeezers regurgitating Hitchens and Dawkins. Cleavage alone does not a blogger make!

    Hope you are well. Hope you finish your book. At the very least I hope you are meeting your own expectations and desires.

    Peace! Peter

  24. says

    Has anyone heard of a more stupid guy or girl than Satan.i mean how can you challenge the thing that created you..I mean a person doesnt challenge his father for fear of being evicted from homeand here is this guy going head to head with someone who he knows is going to fry him forever….

  25. Rich Thenative says

    Miss your voice of reason and common sense
    Even if you don’t post as often, I’d love to hear your reassuring thoughts
    most importantly, I hope you are well and happy

  26. =8)-DX says

    *raises hand*
    Hi Christina and hope you come back to the internet when you feel ready!
    As for me, I’ve been having orgies and eating babies and praising satan like all good atheists! 😉

  27. rapiddominance says

    Didn’t your blog disappear from the main hub for a while? I haven’t been on the FtB’s for months now, but last I remember I didn’t see you on the list.

    Anyway, I’ve been sleeping late, doing a little farm work, playing video games, and thinking about how I can live a more productive life. Like you, I’m having a terrible time sticking to a self-imposed schedule.

  28. Bruce Kopetz says


    Has someone stolen your MOJO? Maybe Austin Power can help you get it back.

    Bruce Kopetz
    West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

  29. Neal Daniel says

    Been killing time on Twitter following Dawkins and that lead to a wide range of intelligent and thought provoking (as well as crass and stupid) Twitter atheists and free thinkers.
    Not structured but it filled a need awaiting your return … now You’ve popped back up on there too. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

  30. says

    Pauzele sunt mereu binevenite.

    Mai ales atunci cand incepi sa intelegi ca “lipsa de substanta” se aplica chiar si celor mai importante lucruri, evenimente, fenomene din voata noastra.

    Golurile pe care unii se straduiesc sa le umple prin religie, ateism, sau orice altceva, de fapt nu exista.
    Este important unde punem Centrul!


  31. Jade Black says

    Oh Ooten’s beard you’re not gone forever!

    I’ve never met you nor do I know much about ‘you’ but seeing you disappeared from my tiny allotment of subscriptions on YouTube for so long had me very, very worried about you, given that you live in Romania and it’s heavily christian I thought you might have been attacked!

    I really hope you’re doing well, your content was amazing and I’ve really missed it!

    • Rich says

      Hazem- so glad you are an intelligent guy and saw the light of truth. If you were brought up Muslim, it is inspirational to have overcome the indoctrination and social aspects of putting religion out and behind you. Far right Christian fundamentalists and Catholics are also brainwashed, as well as Jews. If just a few adherents read, and listen to reason, and change after a childhood of mental abuse, there is hope. If you came to Islam later in life and then left it after realizing what it is, that is also inspirational for others. I’m sure you are much happier and at peace. Enjoy life.

  32. Hazem says

    We wish that you are fine, but you explained here why you are absent in your youtube channel since a year,

    anyways we wish you are okay and have a good life and safety, and many many thanks for your irreligious videos, they are amazing.

    Take care Cristina, and see you later, we hope so, very soon.

    currently an atheist, and an ex-muslim

  33. Roger+ says

    I am so glad that you are safe and well! I contacted a lot of official ,semi-official, and private individuals to make sure you had “dissappeared” by your own choice, and not because of some malevolent or misguided person(s). If you decide to be “back” or not. I’m just very happy you are still walking around and breathingon the planet! <3

  34. colonel cocoa says

    . You have said at forums that you post bullshit on the internet. Now do your fans a favor and bullshit us.

  35. Roger Ruffner says

    First, I contacted the Romanian equivalent of the FBI. Then I contacted Interpol. And I contacted Peach, Aron, Ashley, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation. I was preparing to offer a reward for verifiable info that you were safe somewhere, when someone did exactly that. I am glad that you are safe, and you never HAVE to do another vid again if you aren’t happy about it. Just glad you are safe! 🙂

    • TheGodexists1 says

      How could some of the scientists permit themselves to make a claim that would necessitate knowledge as extensive as the scheme of the universe, when their knowledge of the total scheme of being is *close* to zero, when confronted with a whole mass of unknowns concerning this very earth and tangible, lifeless matter, let alone the whole universe?

      Do scientific discoveries and knowledge cause such a scientist to conclude that matter, *unknowing and unperceiving*, is his creator and that of all beings?

      Some people regard matter as independent and imagine that it has itself gained this freedom and elaborated the laws that rule over it. But how can they **believe** that hydrogen and oxygen, electrons and protons, should first produce themselves, then be the source for all other beings, and finally decree the laws that regulate themselves and the rest of the material world?

      What is called science by the *science-worshippers* of the present age and regarded by them as equivalent to the sum total of *reality*, is simply a collection of laws applicable to a single dimension of the world. The result of all human effort and experimentation is a body of knowledge concerning a minute bright dot comparable to the dim light of a candle-surrounded by a dark night enveloping a huge desert of indefinite extent.

      All praise is due to ALLAH, the Lord of the Universe.

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