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    i do hope the people in your life who are so fortunate as to also know you for your quiet and contemplative moments truly appreciate their gift of opportunity to a more well rounded degree of appreciation for your person…

    yes, i am still screaming from the front bumper of your bus to hell, though calming to a whimper enough to assure you that this suffering of being torn between your allure and intellect leaves my heart raw to this sense of loss…the in-between of you i will never know it seems, or as the value you impress crests and crashes again to leave me empty…

    the bindings to your cult of self are seeming to loosen, and i do hope soon to be free..


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      i just found out you are married, forgive me….i don’t know why i wouldn’t have guessed as much: except perhaps i ‘ve gone a bit dilutional across this decade alone…


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    #1 Tough women are cool, as long as they are not assholes. I don’t like men who are assholes either. So it is being an asshole that I would have an issue with, not being tough.
    #2 In general, women will do better than men in physical activities that involve flexibility.
    #3: Good video.

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    monetary eugenics in china,, or crime written into law called their “One Child Policy” (? < ,right? ) have entirely failed to control the population of China over the entire thirty years of it's in-statement…

    granted that the "1CP" was an agreed upon control to the Han majority, however, within the Han majority, because it was a monitarily enforced "controll" it caused an acceleration into the tention of breeding for the propensity to breed; the same unstable condition that i assert to the population exponent world wide which i doubt could be eugenically corrected without severe risk of undetected backfireing….as well as to breed for unscrupulous social conduct regarding communal concern to individual human rights, it has cascaded into a type of financial cannibalism which also now seems to gain relatively unencumbered social acceptance also world wide…

    some concern to point out these radical instabilities in complete absence of concern for individual human rights regarding success becoming a measure of one's ability to devalue themselves and others against finite global resource limits….

    for example, here in wisconsin, the bible belt is encroaching through export of our countries top soil, and fresh water, (food) < and jobs along with it, activities that could be considered treasonous to bolster reproductive rates that bear heavily to consideration that drives "choice" into abortion clinics.

    please visit my above listed FB page and help circulate my vision to end world hunger and secure world peace by preserving human rights with one simple tool…

    Euro-Shaman rulgert ghostalker

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    i have written this start up in Gibraltar, Spain with intrest to invest with no reply for many weeks now…the tree saucer is dependent on their technology to enough of a degree that i am somewhat imobleized to further tree saucer refinement with out exacting parameters of the Cool Chip semiconductor heat pumps as finished for production…

    i don’t mean to bother you so but you are so empowered to your attention and i so overlooked and ignored that i thought perhaps we could come to some mutual arrangement in best interest…my tree saucers aspire to the Great Lakes and water shed for the most part by my minds eye, in freeing suburban basements to earth sheltered green houses for 4-season local produce in our colder reaches and congested zones….


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      to fee suburban basements of low energy conservation return to energyinvested ratio, where the lower energy investment of the upper would be sacrificed to accommodate a solar glazing structure, in formation of the earth sheltered green house to be more specificity clear….population has weighed to such an extent that this has proven futile for most of three decades now that i have proponed it.

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    why i don’t vote for people…

    and the number one reason is, because voting for myself doesn’t do any good…

    some of the more trivial reasons are:

    that both office candidates ever just strattle the issues with one of each opposite foot in common sense and the other foot in the death camp of public ass kiss, and just get everyone’s undies all twisted up over two sides of the same coin….
    another reason is that this exuberant waste of human resource, energy, and concern ends in half the public feeling that their best interest is somehow represented by this caned choice or alternately then also contented that they have someone to complain about and blame things on…. where whatever choice is made, ultimately no meaningful system changes are accomplished…

    the other half of the reason no system changes are accomplished is because of the elections being nearly a complete unanimous collective hype up to be all anyone can conceive of as their contribution to their country…think about that ” a nearly complete unanimous collective response” in a country that has devolved the ability to co-operate?????….of no wait…could it be because they are arguing?

    and look at this crap….wikipedia has this all wrong…
    it should say AGRICULTURE is the practice of artificially altering the rate of growth of a human population…..i mean duh….what good is the legal system if it isn’t concerned with the legality of criminal acts that can not legally be considered a criminal act once committed?….they also fail to mention that breeding to excess is vigalate coercive population policy, and monetary eugenics is a two fold crime.

    comon crystal, we need to do a co-video debate…i’ve got boatloads..

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    anyway, i could use a boost into some mainstream as i find myself rotting in the doldrums of apathy…whether by neglect to my lack of charm enough to matter against a back drop of 7.3 billion, or by my socially un-lucrative position in stance against such..

    if you ever find a moment to consider what i offer our world as any mutually beneficial effect to your concerns, i would be more than gracious for even just Your Solo Commentary as a dusting of crumbs of your gracious loaf of social empowerment…

    thank you for your consideration,

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      and also a very sincere thank you to Sílvia, my most recent petition signer from Portugal, which i do hope keeps watchful eye to ensure all there have at least someone to hold, and everyone is protected from being outstripped of social opportunity, to whatever sense of belonging, by potential reproductive excess of others..

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        and also to any European concern to my lot in life, i have found means to some hope in my potential unfolding though perseverance, though a soon to be 49 year old child who’s matured temper has me less now socially treated less like an un-wanted child to somewhat better than most peoples dogs, and so it is….and it is ok because it has to be ok, not necessarily because it is….but as for matters of the heart to, and with, the homelands, you also can keep your focus and i can keep mine… perhaps the best we can do for each other just as well

        but now Zoma-gosh-zilla-zoma, do you read?


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    in closeing i would just like to comment that the loopy blond is a bit of a juxtaposition to your personality though kudos in the as such creative manipulation of generalized perception…..but when i struggle to think of you with dark hair and french braid it from a center part to two thin down to either side in front of your ears, and one of the more commonly set of the same weave down the back with the remainder, you then seem certainly no less interesting and fun….you need to know that.


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    i must explain my FB;, that i have no “electronic friend stamps” does not mean i don’t have friends, but that i have elected against that option as such that my mind may operate independently of the ” FB Collective Consciousness” for reasons that i find it to be unhealthy overall, and simply chose to remain an independent operative oblivious to my implementation by others, in that the shuttle between trust and distrust always seems to resolve to reckless abandon for me, and so expression to preference of reckless abandon by my chosen definition as that goes….

    it is not that i don’t appreciate other forms of approach for whatever value in perspective, but that i like my friends to sort themselves against independent message boards, if you too choose correspondence with me there i can be found through your message board under “other” i believe…


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      sorry to be taking over your blog like this, but i swear if i started my own no one would care…

      just to clarify my call to mend what is left of Neandrathal/Denisovan here in wisconsin, or anywhere for that mater,. is that i feel dislodging a species capable of abstract thought from ties to the ecosystem to be critical, as it was, as it is now still i feel….i have my own bond to the soil now, and so it is much clearer within myself as a microcosmic collective entity, that we could have value in reduced numbers as jester of sorts, to earth’s consciousness interchange community ( stabilizing lifeforms in cross reference ), in re instilling appreciation for their evolved wholeness vs. our fragmented techno de-evo-evolution, which also lends, or could lend, benefit to possibly diverting space debris, or if not, at least to monitor and dampen instabilities caused by interstellar consciousness burst distortions, and adoption or resolution of any odd system disorders caused by bits of alien life that survive the void….at the moment we are a severe irritant and perceived as a treat and all this monkey business must stop..


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    i hope this link works…..maybe BMW or Ferrari could shift there focus to production of high performance zero carbon woodland housing as Europe turns focus to urban horticulture also…

    this is the sort of tac i am taking in north america, along with Tom the Sphere builder, as we have both declared ourselves open to venue in industry….sadly to a degree of sickening silence, though i do feel a ZomgitsChris vedio plug for earth synergetics would help…

    thank you, i am sure your working on it…

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      my stuff is open source to countries in Civil Sub-Replacement, as a holding pattern to global compliance pre-Civil De-pop….while Sub-Replacement need only be a drop in the ones digit at great length as display in global best interest, i define the Civil prefix as free of an unstable monetarily controlled TFR cumulative, and instead there with focus to preserving access to that human right along with the supportive opportunity..


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        and yes, most cultures do value the childless for their broader scope of mind, where whatever chemical euphoria that envelops a parents mind to focus was once key to survival of the species, it could well be more fittingly termed as parental insanity given current context….so considerations to posts is all i imagine, to appropriate term….

        it’s so broken here, it is sometimes difficult for me to even care….to make the best of it, i simply caution to not let it happen in the first place, but i can’t even say that about something that certainly can not be considered a crime once committed….so you see the difficulty.

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          in regards to Civil De-Pop Legislation, assuming global Civil Sub-Replacement will be archived, i feel the focus on how lucky a couple should find themselves to be, if their child is born to be a happy and healthy expression of their love should well take priority over concern of an only child’s gender.

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      regarding the link….i would like to add that i don’t appreciate that people who are made to be responsible for conveying cumulative data to public interpretation, are forced into optimistic / pessimistic loops that de-emphasize pessimism in trying to rein in public consensus to some form of manageable sanity….though i do understand that tact must be balanced to effectiveness, i would rather a world where science dictates….i have proposed, that under capitalism, independant scientific agency should be given commercial advertising budgets and manufacturing and and service sectors made to chase that advertising..


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        though yes, i am a bit anti-capitalist, but i think only in that i see potentials to massive instabilities by it,…the same as technology, in theory, a transparent and blameless conduit of intent, where we find sickness in technology or monetary systems we will find sickness of intent….interpretation of context, for me, is in focus to low energy reconfiguration for continued accommodation of simple needs, and kept simple in recognizing other spices have needs as well.

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    one last CAUTION: for population activists and early middle age childless married females with a tinge of broody-ness setting in, who will likely feel the need to make way for some worldly security to the matter..

    Do Not Allow Existing biological parents to pigeon hole you into Even Insinuating retroactive procreative criminality,they will use there children as both a shield and a spear to stab your moralistic standing with, but it is very simple to negotiate with some practice ( i have over a decade’s worth of wounds and scars ), so from an expert now, to avoid first and foremost, you must get around their children who they will psychically summon to glare at you through their eyes in disdain…but the parents mind is the target you need to get to….i have written many works available for study, and this needs to be internalized that you may negotiate entirely to improvisation to variables of the dialog which i can not anticipate, and so can not provide a set instruction list….but first and foremost, as i said..

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      i guess i could recommend to point out that even the term “procreative infringement” can not legally be utilized except in the “potential to” sense…you can’t even say “continued procreative infringement” ( excuse for explanatory sake ) which is exactly why it is entirely illegal to not have laws to set progenic limit where upon exists legal obligation to permanently address ones reproductive issues…

      • Rulgert Ghostalker says

        new topper on my FB wall below….petition signatures are still laborious weeks worth of work for a single signature or individual failures to sign yet…i tell people it’s il-legal to decline sighning and they don’t believe me….

        how do we account for future deaths caused by the global excess of humans with rights created in exercising human rights ….Hmmmm. obviously we need laws to protect people from crimes that can not legally be considered crimes once committed….yeah, no shit, existing biological parents need to understand it can’t even possibly be considered legal that these laws don’t already exist..


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    in concoction….life a series of moments, how difficult when there is no way by words to sum it all up in the end, and so how to let go of the very last moment……when you do, it just floats there is seems in slowing to still, i think of it often…

    some gift entirely beyond myself, that you may rest your eyes from these tortured views into my skull….the road to hell is paved with good intentions, to however horribly shabby a word gets by it’s use i still may polish it up as best and do so, so this path to hell now, maybe it is just this here now we have been going this whole time and we may find it special that we need go no further… least to pause for a moment, a smile, if i hurt anyone’s feelings i am sorry, and not, that we stopped you see….for what ever because here we are the end and the beginning of the journey home…

    i don’t know where that is, was, for me a might have been just always a bit out of reach from where i am….some people have a reason i guess, and maybe that’s why i can’t quite put a finger on what home is, because i need one…..a reason, that’s all.

    night sweetie.

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    also…if you do pursue proficiency as an archer, do be very careful not to push yourself into to high a poundage to fast…it is a very select and specific combination of muscles, and if you damage you will have to endure a lengthy recovery before you pick up a bow again…

    you may want to start with a traditional bow, though the technique is entirely different that shooting a compound, as is the spongy draw, that ramps to full at anchor, of a traditional bow, vs the stiff ramp, flat peak, and let off at anchor of a compound..

    a compound must also be fitted, or set up to your specific draw length, and a degree of tuning skills mastered, as well as the difference in form……if you do work your way up into an ES-Underdog FLC it is what would be refereed to as a “soft draw” compound, and will feel much more smooth and natural than a “hard cam” compound, to where you would be just as comfortable drawing a 50# peak FLC as a hard cam set to 35-40#….since the FLC is a very small and compact bow at only 19.5 inches (49.53cm) over all height for the 27″+/- AMO draw model, it will require the use of a release aid also, and your own archery coach would also be a plus in graduating from the 20# re-curve you should probably start with.

  13. rulgert says

    Russia and the Ukraine team up to prove ” like a girl” isn’t necessarily a bad thing ( the russian bulls eye brunette is useing the type of release aid i do )

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    yaknow too…..people need to understand that pubic hair does not “dread lock” unless forced to….where as if people with relatively strait hair do not comb or brush it that is exactly what naturally happens…..and sides, even when cave men brush out their hair, we still don’t get treated any different…..and yeah it’s like tearing splits back into some of the mats, to restore the flexibility,if you just let it go,: and i do understand considerations to social flexibility so it’s not like i don’t get that….but ya know, why bother…

    • rulgert says

      actually….scratch that last one…i don’t want to get sucked up in complete association to someone else s brain knot…
      or to say, as art in expression to what ever haphazard epiphany….as it would be anyway..

  15. Peter B says

    Cristina Rad,

    Just a thought: please read comments and remove those that are seriously OT. Hey, you might even consider banning some posters.

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