Be concerned

I’ve just realized something very worrying – it’s possible that this laptop I’m typing on is a man’s laptop. I didn’t check when I bought it. It’s black and chrome, no pink anywhere – that’s not a good sign.

Also the coffee I drink. It could be Coffee for Men for all I know.

And my toothpaste. Oh gosh.

And my lightbulbs?

My books? I have a few thousand, so that’s scary.

I have some peaches though. They’re probably Girl Fruit.


  1. luzclara says

    OMG. Today at the Safeway I saw. . . (gasp) special laxative for women. And I wondered if there is a genuine difference in the laxative needs of men and women. And I laughed an evil laugh. I don’t think there are women’s colonoscopies v. men’s colonoscopies. Are there?

  2. Athywren - Frustration Familiarity Panda says

    I… umm… I ate through a whole pack of Yorkie Buttons today… that’s allowed if you’re gender neutral in charge of a masculine body though, right? They’re not… coming for me are they?

  3. Athywren - Frustration Familiarity Panda says

    (On the positive side, I’m typing on a purple laptop, so that’s probably a giiiirrrrl thing which balances me out.)

  4. aziraphale says

    Black and chrome are quite appropriate for some women. Unfortunately they are mostly villains.

  5. thebookofdave says

    You’re probably correct about the laptop: little to no calcium, but probably more than enough magnesium to exceed the RDA for an adult male. Peaches contain too little of either for males or females. I am honestly stumped to find any use for them.

  6. Saad says

    luzclara, #1

    And I wondered if there is a genuine difference in the laxative needs of men and women.

    There sure aren’t. It’s just more marketing BS.

  7. barbrykost says

    There used to be a product advertised as a “gentle laxative” for women. I always imagined men’s laxative so rough that it could clear your bowels and cauterize your hemorrhoids at the same time. Obviously unsuitable for a woman’s softer anus.

  8. says

    There sure aren’t. It’s just more marketing BS.

    “Releaze™ is gentle on the inside, where it counts, for her… and ‘Splodex™ has to power to blast out stubborn man-turds.”

  9. John Morales says

    It’s marketing segmentation for profit via product differentiation.

    I note that gender is one of the most obvious differentiation categories, and only one of many, so I think it’s just a pragmatic and practical business approach, which sometimes needs tuning after feedback rather than something ideological.

  10. chigau (違う) says

    Underarm ‘deodorant’ has markedly different odors for men and women.
    and women’s cost twice as much.
    for smaller containers.

  11. PatrickG says

    @ luzclara #1:

    I don’t think there are women’s colonoscopies v. men’s colonoscopies.

    At my recent sigmoidoscopy (colonoscopy lite), I demanded the Transformers camera. None of this My Little Pony rectal insertion for me! I think the camera was as surprised as I was when it tried to turn into a Maserati.

    More seriously, while the process is the same, studies do suggest men should be screened earlier, as we seem to be more at risk for various things. But that’s a slightly different issue than Ass Probes For Men. 🙂

  12. EigenSprocketUK says

    Some brands of disposable razors aimed at women have slightly longer handles for a more comfortable grip at a longer-reach. Fair enough, I had supposed, until the unjustified large price difference and obligatory pink was pointed out.
    I want those skull bolt earplugs, though.

  13. lorn says

    There does seem to be some gendering of otherwise neutral devices going on. It has been going on for some time. But once differentiated the next step is segregation.

    A minor aspect of this has been shaving supplies. At one time, late 60s was when I noticed, most of the razors were just razors. There may have been mens and women’s razors but the differences were subtle. I remember my sisters had razors nearly identical to the ones I used. After that time, I think it was linked to plastics, there started to be pink and lilac razors and specific razors marketed to women established differentiation.

    Some months ago I noticed that the shaving supplies department at Target had been rearranged. Previously mens and women’s razors had share an isle. Not Each has its own isle. One isle with muscular men with chiseled features hawking chunky, black and gold and blue manly blades. Another with lithe women with high cheekbones and bare legs hawking pink and lilac blades to the ladies.

    This is , evidently, evolution. As time goes by human hair has divided into male and female which can only be removed with the properly gendered tool. Using the wrong tool, quite obviously, causes gayness. Which explains why gayness, previously not much of a thing in the 60s, has taken off.

    This suggests the ultimate anti-gay strategy. Non-gender specific shaving instruments.

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