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    Thank god that’s not a US cop, he’d see the owl as a serious threat because it was clearly a crazed PCP user with eyes like that and then he’d empty two or three clips into it claiming it resisted arrest because it wouldn’t put its wings up when he told it to.

    The look on that adorable little thing is ridiculously cute and almost heartbreaking.

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    Juvenile Saw-Whet? I’m not a huge birder, but looks about right.

    I have negatives somewhere (remember those?) of a few (two or three, I think, it’s been years) with adult plumage being released back to the wild by an owl sanctuary. The nest had been knocked down during some hydro work, parents had disappeared, so the program got the job of raising the nestlings to be proper little owls, and I got invited to shoot the release at twilight on very fast B&W film (no flash allowed).

    They’re beyond gorgeous. Still insanely adorable, too, in adult feathers. Brown and white balls of fluff with huge yellow eyes at one end, talons at the other. Owl shaped, but in miniature, maybe a bit fluffier up close than I’d have figured, but maybe because these were just out of the baby stage.

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