Indian Atheists

A bat signal. The Indian Atheists Facebook page has been banned as unsafe. This needs to be reversed.

Sorry, are you trying to promote rationalism and secular humanism in India, you may be unsafe for Facebook.

The Facebook page Indian Atheists is an initiative by the Nirmukta community. Our mission is to bring together a community of Indian Atheists and to build a society based on science, reason and humanistic values.

Yesterday we found that content from this page could not be shared as it has been flagged as unsafe. Facebook policies are such that, in case of an objectionable content, the said post would be removed by Facebook. But we found that no specific post was removed as objectionable. Instead the entire Indian Atheists page has been flagged as unsafe and we are not able to share our posts or tag Indian Atheists in any post, not even as comments in closed groups.

How to protest the ban: tag Indian Atheists in a post or comment; the tag will appear, but then when you try to post Facebook will stop you with a pop-up saying the group is banned, and giving you a place to say THIS IS A MISTAKE YOU BOZOS.

Please take a few seconds to do it. India needs its atheists, and they need their Facebook page.


  1. raremomentsoflucidity says

    Indian Atheists FB page back up when I checked at 5:00 Pacific- and angry as hell! Thanks Ms. Benson for the alert!

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