A Tweeter Treatise on Witch Huntery

PZ also did a post about Dawkins’s Outraged of Sevenoaks to the Times, I saw after I’d done mine. On it anteprepro wrote an extended comment which everyone should read.

A teaser:

Gather ’round, gather ’round! Won’t you join me? Come along, boys and girls, for another episode of Fun Times on Richard Dawkins’ Twitter Page!

Chapter One: A Tweeter Treatise on Witch Huntery, Tone For Thee but Not for Me, and Nobel Prize Granted Immunities, with guest star Gibbertarian Website Citation!

King Lord Dawkins, Noble Holy and Pure Knight Emperor of Logic-hood, doth proclaim:

“A moment to savour”? Really? Please, Guardian, could we just lighten up on the witch-hunts? #ReinstateTimHunt. http://reason.com/archives/2015/06/13/the-illiberal-persecution-of-tim-hunt

And one his loyal subjects did say:

fourjumpers ‏@fourjumpers Jun 14
@kryphos Negative reaction is fine,corrective action if needed,ok.But sacking a Nobel prize winner for a joke? @VickyLauder @RichardDawkins

And it was nonsense.

Chapter Two: Crocodile Tears: His Cup Overfloweth

And lo, poor Richard did bewail the horrible plight of his fellow elite aristocratic gentle-lecturer, and did tear the shirt off his chest, languishing as the cold rain fell down upon him and his fallen friend, and did cry out:

My tweet about Tim Hunt was an attack on the Guardian’s cruel Schadenfreude: “A moment to savour.” SAVOURING a moment of human misery!

And who came along, to rest a hand upon Sir Richard’s regal weeping shoulders, but the Magician of Metas, Sir Russell of Blackford, who did say, in hushed, sympathetic tone:

Yes, there’s something repulsive about this kind of cruel gloating

And they sat still, in silence, wondering how anyone could so sadistic as it to think it proper that a man lose an honorary position for a mere simple humorous quip. The vulgar, bloodthirsty heathens that rested beyond these ivory walls….

There’s more.


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