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Tweets from #PENfest

Sascha Freudenheim ‏@SaschaDF 22 hours ago
The inimitable @monaeltahawy at #PENfest, @PENamerican. #Egypt #WomensRights

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Harlem Stage ‏@MyHarlemStage 3 hours ago
Come to “In and Out of Africa” w/ writers from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire & more | May 9 | #PENfest

Reinhard Lamsfuss ‏@rlamsfuss 3 hours ago
SOS Racisme #France called #CharlieHebdo “the greatest anti-racist weekly in the country.” … #PENfest

PENamerican ‏@PENamerican 5 hours ago
“If you make the effort to understand, to really understand what the cartoon is about, you won’t be offended” —Jean-Baptiste Thoret #PENfest

“We have nothing against religion. We fight against the political use of religion. That’s not the same” —Gérard Biard #PENfest #CharlieHebdo

“I must assure you that we don’t eat children and we don’t eat believers. Ever” —Gérard Biard, editor-in-chief of #CharlieHebdo at #PENfest

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