Thoughtful disagreement

A Facebook friend posted a link to my Freethinker column (published yesterday), and got some…lively comments.


Paul McEnery “Of course the idea behind the cartoons was to challenge authority: to challenge religious authority, clerical authority, theocratic authority, the authority of public opinion and taboo.”

Total motherfucking hypocritical shit-mouthed arsemongering.

The idea was to be cunts to Muslims on the grounds of they were subhuman mongrels who should get the fuck out of Denmark.


Paul McEnery Nobody’s using cartoonists for scapegoats. YOU personally are pretending that the Danish cartoons weren’t full on racialist hate speech intended to provoke violence. So is Benson.

Nice deflect by pointlessly objecting to “cunts” as if it matters, btw. We’ve been through that before, and you were completely provincial and wrong then too. And I did it again just to show that you’ll take offence at pointless and provincial things while deliberately overlooking the substantial matter.


Paul McEnery BTW: While we’re here, I was guessing that Benson was a Harris atheist and a misandrist, and surprise surprise, right on both counts. She’s a dangerous ideologue, and a very nasty piece of work who is quite happy to lie her face off — and libel enemies — to get her way.

Who would imagine that an actual satirical cartoonist might be better at reading a situation than an extremist headcase?

Paul McEnery Oh, and Ken. Read it again. Benson’s lying lies start with a quote from Trudeau DIRECTLY speaking about the Danish cartoons, which is what she DIRECTLY addresses.

Make no mistake: Benson is the same kind of human being as those Danish cartoonists, and her aim is PRECISELY to suborn the issue of free speech into hatred of Muslims.

Which is to say: the difference between her and the Kouachi brothers is she hides behind words while harming people and stirring violence.


Paul McEnery She IS a Harris atheist. She IS a misandrist. She IS a liar — the first thing she says in this article is a lie; but she’s libeled a lot more people to get her way. And the opening of this article is quite clear in her attempt to libel Trudeau.

Paul McEnery And while we’re here, her actual issue with Trudeau is that he calls out Western bigots and hate speechers for their part in perpetuating the cycle of violence.

Which would include her.

He seems nice.


  1. Donnie says

    Imagine if someone said the magic words, “Rebecca Watson”. Would, or would not, the spittle have flown more?

  2. says

    “Harris atheist?” WTF does that mean? The comment about “misandrist” makes me snort and laugh, at least. MISANDRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  3. hotshoe, now with more boltcutters says

    Are people using your facebook page to respond to Paul McHenry?

    Are they using your friend’s page to defend you?

    Can your friend delete his comments from their page?

    I dunno how facebook works, but if it doesn’t work so that people can defend you and/or delete assholes like PH, then it doesn’t work at all the way it should.

    Sorry you’re being dumped upon with yet another sad round of “cunt” and “misandrist” and “lies her face off” … How can it be so infuriating to some man for a woman merely to dare to have an opinion? How can he let loose the slavering creep inside him for such a tiny excuse?

    At least I don’t see any death or rape threats. I guess that makes Paul McHenry one of the good guys, eh?

  4. Matt says

    I had to read this twice, I thought it was two people arguing, and for a moment I thought I agreed with one of them.

    No, just one person rambling incoherently.

  5. Lady Mondegreen says

    Ophelia: are you, or have you ever been, a misandrist?

    My understanding is that she’s a dangerous ideologue who misanders in her spare time. But I could be wrong.

  6. says

    (Ophelia says “I’m not a misandrist”)
    –> 1000 out of context quotes from the slymepit proving how much she hates ALL MEN EVERYWHERE

    (Ophelia says “I’m a misandrist” as a joke)
    –> quotemined by the slymepit for future use

    (Ophelia ignores the absurdity of the accusation)

  7. A Hermit says

    Sooo.. let me see if I’ve got this straight; we must be careful to be unfailingly polite to religious extremists and never say or do anything which might offend them. And if we don’t we are “shit mouthed cunts.”

    And must not object to being called such.

    Self awareness is not strong with this one…

  8. says

    “Nobody’s using cartoonists for scapegoats. YOU personally are pretending that the Danish cartoons weren’t full on racialist hate speech intended to provoke violence. So is Benson.

    Nice deflect by pointlessly objecting to “cunts” as if it matters, btw.”

    Well, that was weird. So, “racialist hate speed intended to provoke violence” is apparently a problem from what I can gather, but calling people “cunts” isn’t? Right, and I bet they poop* bricks of gold, too.

    * And, yes, I’m aware of the recent news about the idea of mining human poop for precious metals.

    P.S. I’m just now noticing that I pretty much made the same point as A Hermit. Still going to post since I typed it up already.

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