Four out of the 147

There’s a Twitter hashtag, , where the murdered students of Garissa are being named and remembered.

Tom Vandenbosch @TVandenbosch 7 hours ago
Mary Muchiri Shee, Miss Garissa University
We will name them one by one.

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Tom Vandenbosch ‏@TVandenbosch 3 hours ago
RIP Elizabeth Nyangarora. Graduated in 2012 from St Andrews Kanga Girls High.
#147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames

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Maskani Ya Taifa ‏@Maskani254 5 hours ago
Doreen ‘Specialrose’ Gakii #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames

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Maskani Ya Taifa ‏@Maskani254 6 hours ago
Dadly Mose #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I saw some of this on the news, and the images were quite disturbing. What I didn’t see was what the purported reason(ing) for this attack was. Random? Targeting a girls’ school specifically?

    Sad and tragic.

  2. says

    The purported reasoning was said to be because Kenya sent troops to battle al-Shabab. Schools are soft targets – remember Peshawar? It’s not a girls’ school though, and I’ve posted photos of boys as well as girls. Or men as well as women but dear god they all look like babies.

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